Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 18x)

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Join us at the SCALE! SCALE is the largest community run open source tech / FOSS / pro-EFF conference and expo in North America. It is family-friendly and caters to a diverse audience of IT professionals, hobbyists, educators and students.

You can use promo code SGVLG to get 50% off the registration cost of the full conference pass.

You can generally get in for free if you volunteer with SCALE. See their website. Many of the SGVTech folks help out with the SCALE A/V team. If you're interested, please visit their website

We will have a community booth at SCALE for SGVTech, so please leave a comment if you are interested in helping to man the booth (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon) and represent SGVTech or any of its subgroups.

Also comment if your talk got accepted at SCALE :)

This year there will be a ton of presentations and workshops on topics like Container and Virtualization, Observability, Embedded, Kubeflow, Open Government, PostgreSQL, DevOps, LibreGraphics, MySQL, openSuse, Security, Cloud, Mentoring, Developer, Open Data, Open Source in Enterprise, SysAdmin, HAM Radio. There is a co-located Ubucon, Open Embedded Summit, DevOpsDay, OpenSUSE Summit