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880 S Arroyo Pkwy · Pasadena, CA

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We will be in the back room. Let them know you're here for the Meetup.

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NOTE: IHOP is a relatively new venue for us. Please be considerate of the servers, who aren't used to dealing with our dinner crowd. Don't change seats once you sit down. Get your orders in early so they're not slammed in the kitchen. Tip generously. They don't expect everyone to order food, but a good 80% of us should be having some kind of dinner.

We have two presentations this week. Sean will talk about Org-Mode with Spacemacs. Ashok will talk about webhooks, focusing on Slack.

Org-Mode with Spacemacs


The best editor is neither vim nor emacs, it’s Vim and Emacs! Spacemacs is a community-driven Emacs distribution that comes built-in with many popular packages, including Evil-Mode - a vim layer for Emacs, and Org-Mode - a tool for note taking and/or project management that utilizes a rich plain text markup language. This presentation will be a live demo of some of orgmode and spacemacs' features and capabilities.


Sean Marquez graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in design of dynamic systems, from UC Irvine. During his undergrad, he project managed a CubeSat program where he developed a passion for space exploration. He worked for an OEM aerospace consulting firm for over a year as an associate mechanical design engineer. In 2015, he joined and collaborated with an online team, performing numerical simulations & control systems design, for rLoop – a non-profit global think tank that won the innovation award for the first SpaceX hyperloop pod competition. Sean is currently a worker-owner at Space Cooperative Inc., involved with development and testing of smart contracts to be utilized by the Space Decentral network, collaborating on Coral - an open source robotic space mission to mine lunar regolith for in-situ resource utilization, and leading efforts on the adoption of the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methodology.

Webhooks and Slack


In this presentation, Ashok Modi is going to use Slack events as a guide to describe what webhooks are, how they are different from a traditional API, and some of the ways you can deal with data coming from webhooks. This talk will involve looking at code, along with learning about middleware and queues.


Ashok is currently a Software Engineer for the CARD. His primary duties involve working on the core CARD product and intimately working with various technologies to bring their goals to fruition. Outside CARD, he dedicate some of his time contributing back what he learns and/or creates back to the open source community.

About the SGVLUG

SGVLUG is one of the oldest and most active Linux User Groups in the Greater Los Angeles area. In addition to Linux, the group also shares interests in other free and open source software, all forms of technology, and the discussion of issues that arise with the these new tools, such as privacy rights. SGVLUG attracts members from throughout LA County including Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, and eastward throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Our members include software developers, system administrators, hardware engineers, and software users of all levels of experience. Many work in the technology field as employees, contractors or consultants, and enjoy the learning and networking opportunities available from the group. We also have many members that serve as volunteers of their time and skills at various local events, including the annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE).