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Friday Cocktail Party @ Clarke Quay(Sg’s Choice Entertainment Destination)

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Hi Meetup Members,

I understand what’s like to work all week and on Friday Night just want to go and leave your brain at the door.

Let us live for Friday Night when we want to do what we really want to do, may be, making new friends, chilling out with drinks, unwind office stress , looking for a date etc.

Friday Cocktail Party is ideal event for you. Come and let us party like there is no tomorrow.

This event has been published in some big and popular Meetup groups and a big turnout is expected. Hence be prepared to make new friends not only from this group but also from other big and popular Meetup groups.


Clarke Quay, Singapore’s choice entertainment destination, is a colourful kaleidoscope of buildings housing antiques, restaurants, hip cafes, jazz clubs and more. At night, the entire zone is a sight to behold with all five blocks lit up and beamed with an array of quirky alternative to mainstream clubs.

With an international presence in terms of partying options, this is a convergence point for people around the world to celebrate.Visitors from the UK might sense a similarity to a modern High Street at home (read: Croydon), with Aussie visitors feeling that this could be Singapore's Bondai.


Vodka is generally made from grains, although Vodka was once made from potatoes. It originally came from Russia. This clear spirit has become increasingly popular as it is the base spirit for many cocktails.

Vodka is the best spirit to keep around at all times and it is the most popular base spirit for cocktails. Vodka cocktails are some of the most basic mixed drinks

The Bar offers the following Vodka Cocktails


Screwdriver is a cocktail made with orange juice and vodka named after the tool. Its name originated in the 1950’s when American oil-rig workers in the Middle East did not have a swizzle stick handy while drinking on break and so used a screwdriver instead.


A greyhound is a cocktail consisting of 6 fluid ounces (200 ml) of grapefruit juice and 1.5 fluid ounces (50 ml) of vodka mixed and served over ice. Salt the rim of the glass to turn it into a salty dog.


It is a form of Caipirinha ( prepared with vodka ( instead of the usual cachaça ( It is a popular cocktail in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. It is also sometimes known as Caipivodka and Caipirodka. It has grown in popularity in recent years as access to international vodkas continues to diversify in South America.

Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach is a variety of highball drink popular in the United Kingdom , the United States , and other countries. As with other popular cocktails, there are many varieties.


A Cosmopolitan is a cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice. Informally referred to as a Cosmo, the Cosmopolitan is usually served in a cocktail glass. For this reason it is often erroneously categorized as a martini because martinis are also served in cocktail glasses.

Moscow Mule

A Moscow Mule is a cocktail composed of

2 parts vodka (50ml)
Fresh lime juice
Ginger beer
Ice, vodka, fresh lime juice placed in a boston glass.
Shake and drain in a Collins glass with ice lengthened with ginger beer.

White Russian

White RussianThe White Russian is a sweet cocktail for many occasions. The "Russian" part of the name comes about because the drink includes vodka—it is not a traditional Russian drink, but rather a pun on the name of the anti-Bolshevik "White Russians" from the Russian Civil War.

Registration fees:S$15(payable in cash only) for a glass of Vodka Cocktails (Screwdriver/ Grey Hound/Caipiroska), wine, house-pours, beer, juice or soft drinks.

Please register for event at the registration counter of the venue and receive a drink coupon. Redemption of the coupon for a drink of your choice at the bar counter is throughout the night.

Going back with a lot of new friends

If lucky, going back with someone special


Founder and Main Organiser

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. I am new to this group. I hope I can mingle well ... :-)
2. Looking for friends :). 9 months here in Singapore, but doesn't have friends to hang out
3. Hi Francis, I'm new here, just hoping that I can widen my social circle
4. Looking forward to my first meet up at such event!
Hope to meet and get to know more new friends :)
5. Hi I'm Korean :) hope can meet good ppl here!
6. Hello! I would like to go to this event. But I am very new to the group, and actually I am very new in Singapore. I just arrived here. Is it okay to go this event by myself? Thanks!
Answer: Hi, you all have registered for the right event. I am sure after attending my event; you will have a big circle of new friends of your liking.
If you are attending the event for the first time, it is only natural you get a bit nervous. Do not worry, Meet me in the event and I will introduce to other members. How to identify me? I am an Indian with a name tag “FRANCIS(Host)"
1 .My work will end late ... Can I get there by 8pm ?
2. Hi Francis,
Is it OK to join a bit later say at 8:15pm??
3. Might be running' a bit late but will be there for sure, mate...
Answer: Hi guys, it is okay that you can come after registration has started. My only worry that if you come late, you may lose the golden opportunity to meet some of the lovely guests
1. Can I bring a friend?
2. May or may not be bringing guest/s along!
3. I will be bringing guests with me.. I hope it’s not too late to inform..
Answer: Sure, please do.
The group or the organiser shall not be held responsible nor liable for any of the guests’ incidents during any meetup organised.

The Organiser and Assistant Organiser reserve the right to refuse entry, expel from the event or ban any member from the group without assigning any reasons thereof.