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DevOps Institute SKILup Chapters are regional or language specific groups that meet regularly to discuss DevOps topics in Chapter Meetings.

SKILup Days are monthly free virtual micro-conferences focusing on a specific DevOps related practice. The event is built on a virtual conference platform that includes an exhibit hall, networking lounge and an auditorium for sessions by industry thought leaders and practitioners.


DevOps Institute is an open member association whose mission is to advance the Humans of DevOps by equipping them with Skills, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning (SKIL).

The intent of this group is to connect the European DevOps community through our monthly SKILup Days events.

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Anxiety Free Digital Transformation

Online event

Following the container orchestration SKILup Day, we'll be joined by DevOps Institute Ambassador from Rome, Manuel Schuller, to talk about how to remove anxiety in digital transformation when moving to microservices and multi-cloud.

We'll talk about:
- Breaking down monoliths to microservices
- How to turn mountains of data into actioned insights
- Why it's natural for your teams to have variable capabilities and different toolchains
- How to travel safely and steadily but at optimal speed in your DevOps journey
- Safety culture, psychological safety and learning from the wisdom in production

Low Code/ No Code: Presented by DevOps Institute & Techstrong

Network event

Event time: 10am-4pm (ET)

Low code has come into its own in the development space as organizations increasingly adopt low-code and no-code technologies to enable IT to build solutions with minimal involvement from developers. As digital transformation efforts accelerated in 2020 due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic, low-code is becoming a valuable part of the development environment. Low-Code / No-Code explores the vast and growing ecosystem of technologies that are changing the face of application development, featuring sessions that focus on the challenges and opportunities in low-code application development, including:

-The rise of the citizen developer
-Addressing security and compliance in low-code applications
-Low-code vs. no-code
-Trends in low-code

Register NOW: https://www.devopsinstitute.com/lcnc-2021/

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SKILup Days- Container Orchestration

Online event

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