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What we’re about

Regardless of what you might think or might want to think, this group has nothing to do with spanking! Please read on : )

Are you an unmarried person who doesn't have any children? If so, guess what? You're a SPaNK! You can be in a relationship, as some of us are, and still be a SPaNK as long as you're not married. And we welcome you to join our Meetup Group for events and gatherings that will include unmarried child-free men and women, entertainment, support, friendship, professional development, stimulating and thought-provoking events and fun. This is a great way to make new friends with other SPaNKs.

This SPaNK Meetup Group is the counterpart to the SWaNK Meetup Group - It is organized by the Founder of the SWaNK Evolution, Carolyn Quan, who also leads the SWaNK Meetup Group.