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Back to Basics 2: Understanding and using Shutter and Aperture creatively
Shutter and aperture control exposure. More importantly, both have very creative uses. The shutter controls the length of time the image sensor is exposed to light. High shutter speeds stop motion, slow ones blur motion. Large apertures yield shallow depth of field while small apertures let everything to be in focus from back to front. Shutter speeds are expressed in whole or fractions of a second. Aperture openings, however, are described by f-stops and confuse many beginning photographers. All camera exposure modes use various combinations of shutter and aperture. Jim Morgenthaler will help you understand how these modes work and how to choose the right one for each shooting situation. Program mode is a good choice for rapidly changing scenes. Aperture mode allows you to choose how much of your image is in focus (Depth Of Field). Shutter mode allows you to intentionally blur or stop action. Manual mode is used for fireworks, lightning shots, and static scenes. Even Scene modes can be useful at times when you understand how they make use of shutter and aperture! It does not matter how you achieve the correct exposure. All that matters is whether it’s a good photograph or not!

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