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Light and Color
What do you photograph? Landscapes? Portraits? Architecture? Your grandkids? Pets? Actually, what we photograph is LIGHT. What exactly is LIGHT? Sir Isaac Newton showed that when daylight is passed through a prism, it is split into colors of various wavelengths (“ROYGBIV”) which when recombined make “white light.” But hang on—Isn't the sky blue? Unless, of course, it’s red and it’s morning—sailors take warning! Did you see The Color Purple? Ever had The Blues? Who the heck was Kelvin anyway? The point is, regardless of whether you shoot “color” or “black-and-white,” the three most important things to know about light are amount, direction and color. You’ve mastered amount and direction, but do you still let your camera make all your decisions regarding color? Join professional photographer and SPS member Michael Boatright on this Learnshop, about color—primarily visible color—what it is, how it’s perceived, how it’s used artistically, ways that we try to reproduce color, and lots, lots, lots more. ****************************************************************************** SPS Monthly Meetings (first Friday of each month) are for its members and guests. While competition entries at these monthly meetings are restricted to currently paid-up members, we ALWAYS welcome visitors interested in photography to attend. The Learnshops (fourth Tuesday of each month) are intended for members, but again, we welcome visitors. If you attend regularly, we ask that you help support the club (which pays for the rental of the facilities, supplies, and equipment) by becoming a member!!! To find out more about SPS visit ******************************** LIABILITY NOTICE: By signing up and attending a Meetup sponsored by the Southeastern Photographic Society, I acknowledge that these activities can be hazardous and that I could be injured or my property damaged. I agree that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume any risk of physical injury or damage to my property.

Clairmont Presbyterian Church

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The Southeastern Photographic Society (SPS) was formed by photography students at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center to help its members learn the skills for capturing great images and sharing them with others. The society has been serving the photographic community since 1976, now with well over 250 annualy paid members.

Each month SPS hosts a competition and lecture/presentation on the first Friday. Competition themes vary each month with the goal being to encourage members to shoot outside their "comfort zone".

On the 4th Tuesday of the month SPS hosts their popular member "Learn Shops"; informal lectures/presentations from club members to help teach each other a variety of photographic skills, from lighting and composition to Photoshop and Lightroom.

The club tries to arrange for field trips throughout the month. These field trips are designed around upcoming photography themes but also around events that take place in the local area. Sometimes we just like to get out with others and share our knowledge.

In order to enter images into competition (digital or prints) you must first be a fully paid SPS member. Annual dues are $30 for individuals and $40 for households, due each January.

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