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SQL FRIDAY #36 - Manish Kumar on 'Secure your data with Azure SQL DB'

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SQL FRIDAY #36 - Manish Kumar on 'Secure your data with Azure SQL DB'


The session will take you through Industry-leading security which comes built-in with Azure SQL database. In this session we will have an overview of Network security and Access Management and then dive deep into Threat Protection & Security Management and Information Protection and Encryption. A high level aim would be to give sound understanding of following features to attendees :

Network Security (Overview)
-IP Firewall rules
-Virtual Network Firewall Rules

Access Management (Overview)

  • Authentication
    SQL Authentication
    AAD Authentication
  • Authorization
    Roles and permissions
    Logins and Users
    Row-Level Security

Threat Protection and Security Management (deep dive with demo's)

  • Auditing
  • Advanced data security
    Data Discovery and Classification
    Advanced Threat Protection
    Vulnerability Assessment

Information Protection and Encryption (deep dive with demo's)

  • Transport Layer Security (Encryption in transit)
  • Transparent Data Encryption (Encryption at rest)
  • Always Encrypted (Encryption in use)
  • Dynamic data masking

About Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar is a Microsoft certified Solution Expert in ‘Data Management and Analytics’ and work as a Sr. cloud solution architect at Microsoft.

He is a thought leader in modern data platform which includes solutions involving relational and non-relational databases, data lakes, advanced analytics, MPP, big data and hybrid cloud implementations.

He has over 20 years of IT experience working as Software developer, SQL Server DBA, Solution/Data Architect, Cloud Solution Architect and extremely passionate about blogging and public speaking.

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