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SQL Friday is a weekly online lunch seminar about Microsoft Data Platform. It’s hosted by Magnus Ahlkvist (B (https://www.tsql.nu/) | T (https://twitter.com/transmokopter)) and financed by Transmokopter SQL AB.

Homepage of SQL Friday is https://sqlfriday.net

Every friday, at noon CEST, a new speaker will present on a new topic (or by all means by the same topic as a previous speaker, with a different angle).

All the sessions are recorded and published on Youtube. You will be able to watch the sessions on the homepage, the posts about upcoming speakers and their session will be updated with an embedded Youtube video.

You register to upcoming events on our Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/ . The direct link to the Meetup meeting will be in the post about upcoming sessions. We aim at announcing speakers weeks in advance, but will always keep the upcoming Friday session on top.

Sessions will be streamed with Microsoft Teams, as long as we don’t hit the 250 attendees limit. Should we hit that limit, we’ll move over to a platform that allow more attendees. As nice as it is to be able to watch the sessions on Youtube, we want interaction. Sessions are way more fun and interesting when we can interrupt the speaker with questions in the chat, right? ”Hey, can you show that again, what the heck kind of operator was that?”

Do you want to speak at SQL Friday? Poke us on Twitter: @SqlFriday (https://twitter.com/SqlFriday) or email us at friday@sqlfriday.net.

Code of conduct

If you participate in a SQL Friday session, you must follow this simple code of conduct.

Be nice to people. This includes the speaker, the host/moderator and of course all the other attendees. Respect other people’s right to their own space. Don’t get in peoples face.

Understand that irony doesn’t work as well in writing as it might do in an in-person meeting, where your body language helps you.

Understand that you can not and may not be the judge of anyone else’s feelings. If you do something that offends someone, even when that is not the purpose, don’t argue. Just back down. You may or may not understand what was going on, but SQL Friday is not meant for you to test limits.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? If you feel anyone is not respecting this very simple Code of Conduct, contact the moderator during the session or write an email to friday@sqlfriday.net – we want to keep SQL Friday clean from abuse.

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SQL Friday 22 - Javier Villegas on "New Features in SQL Server 2019"

SQL Server 2019 is a modern data platform designed to meet the current challenges of data professionals. We will review the new functionalities related to Performance, Security and High Availability We will work on the pillars of Performance, Security and High Availability covering topics such as Query Store, Adaptive Query Processing, Intelligent Query Processing, Accelerated Database Recovery, improvements in TempDB and many more. About Javier Javier Villegas is a Database Administrator Manager for Mediterranean Shipping Company. Javier has more than 20 years working with SQL Server on every version from 6.5 to SQL Server 2019, Including SQL Azure Database and SQL Azure Managed Instance. His specialization is Administration, Performance Tuning and High Availability. He is a Microsoft MVP in Data Platform. Javier is a frequent speaker in conferences and events such as SQL Saturday , PASS Virtual Groups, 24 Hours SQL PASS , PASS Marathon, Microsoft AI+ Tour, vOpen (NetConf), GroupBy and DataPlatformGeeks. Twitter: https://twitter.com/javier_vill LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/javiervillegas/

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