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#39 - Cédric Charlier - 'Azure databricks: brick by brick for the data engineer'

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#39 - Cédric Charlier - 'Azure databricks: brick by brick for the data engineer'


Still developing ETL with SSIS but you're willing to take a look to the new Azure databricks platform? This session is the first step to start developing with Azure Databricks! We'll start by the use-cases or if you prefer ""when is it smarter to switch your good old SSIS for the new tools"". Then we'll take a look to a data preparation and a data move with Databricks and we can automate its execution. Finally, we'll go for a few tips with the tooling.

About Cédric Charlier
Cédric is a talented architect active in the domain of Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Graph Databases. He has more than 15 years of successful experience with Microsoft Data Platform in large European industrial groups and Services companies.

Driven by quality and reliability, he is the main developer of an open-source solution for testing BI solutions (cubes, etl, reports …) named NBi ( and is contributing to other open-source solutions. Cedric also advocates for the introduction and general usage of agile practices in BI’s world. He is also a fan of prototyping and has developed some advanced knowledge about Power BI and especially the Power Query/M Language.

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