SQL Christmas 2017 Lightning Talks and Social


As has become a tradition we are having lightning talks on Tues 5th December with prizes awarded for best speakers and a few drinks afterwards to celebrate the end of the SQL year.

Talks are fast and snappy at max 5 mins each. Any topic from DBEngine to BI to Big Data to Analytics to life as a DBA to why MSAccess is such a great product.

To register to speak at the Christmas session post in the comments below or email [masked]

Current Topic Include:

- SQL 2017 predict function - Jeet Jadhav
- MS SQL Server 2017 Graph DB, a first look - Dan Galavan
- Operating in the cloud: Expanding Azure Storage Arrays - Jeff Heaton
- Automating BI Deployments with VSTS - Bob Duffy
- Sentiment Analysis with Azure ML - Mark Hayes
- Chad Tether - Conquering an Excel file dump with SSIS and OpenXML
- Open Query Store: Query Store functionality in earlier versions of SQL Server - Andrew Pruski
- Streaming demo with Microsoft Flow and Power BI - Ben Watt

Special Guest Speaker:
- dbatools ❤ SQL Server- Chrissy LeMaire