Webcast: Using Value-Based Innovation for New Product Introductions

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Using Value-Based Innovation for New Product Introductions

How do you communicate the difference between value vs. price? How do I know when to use the different product value analysis methods? How much value is typically captured by the customer vs. a supplier for a typical product introduction? This discussion will show successful examples of companies selling products based on value.

Quantification of value is critical to a successful product introduction and this presentation provides a basic overview of the tools to measure it. In addition, a new tool, the Value Box is introduced to visualize and capture the value/price space and develop pricing strategy.

An introduction to value co-creation will also be discussed.

Case studies to be presented include:

1) B2C products like the Gillette Fusion razor, 3M's command strips, hybrid cars, pharmaceutical products, the Segway, iPad apps and

2) B2B products like industrial adhesives and corrugated paperboard.

Key Takeaways from participating in this webcast:
- Understand a practical definition of product value and value in use
- Learn different methods for product value quantification and when to use them
- How to commercialize a product based on the value proposition and not on price
- A new tool, the "Product Value Box" for communication and understanding of the product value proposition

Who Should Attend:
Product Managers, Product Marketers, Brand Managers, Product Owners, Business Development Managers, Innovation Managers and other product team leaders

About the Speaker:
Dr. Jose A. Briones is the General Manager of SpyroTek Performance Solutions, a supplier of Innovation Management and Training Services. He has 20 years of commercial and technical experience in the manufacturing and technology industries, holding positions in the areas of marketing, innovation, sales, engineering and R&D.

Dr. Briones has been the leader in the commercialization of over 40 products in the fields of chemicals, materials, apps and cloud software in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. He has been named as inventor in 7 patents.

Dr. Briones areas of expertise include: Innovation Management, Product Development, Business Model Assessments, Product Value Analysis, Probabilistic Forecasting and Social Media. He has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University and an MBA from Wharton Business School.