SVELC: Technical Overview of Blockchain / Implications for Practical Usage

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Description of the talk:

Section 1: An introduction to the space; what is the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Section 2: Fundamentals of how the underlying blockchain technology works; defining "nodes", "consensus", "smart contracts".

Section 3: Fundamentals of the blockchain startup ecosystem; What's the difference between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and others?

Section 4: Overview of common use cases (cryptocurrency/defi, digital identity, logistics, etc).

Section 5: Q&A

BIO: Sam has a background in coding, marketing, and law. He is a cofounder of a blockchain startup building decentralized storage infrastructure. He runs several active communities both online and offline, organizing meetups, hackathons, and blockchain conferences. Sam has given speeches at blockchain conferences for developers on topics including Dapp Architecture, Decentralized Storage Systems, and Blockchain Law.

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