Kanban for DevOps (Plus Gene Kim!)

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Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim (https://twitter.com/#!/RealGeneKim)) and John Willis (@botchagalupe (http://twitter.com/#!/botchagalupe)), are going to be in the bay area on the evening of March 22. Gene has been working on his soon to be announced novel called “When IT Fails: The Novel (http://www.realgenekim.me/when-it-fails/)”. He is also working on a companion book called “The Devops Cookbook (http://www.realgenekim.me/devops-cookbook/) (non-fiction)” along with Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois (http://twitter.com/#!/patrickdebois)), John Willis, and LeanIT Guru Mike Orzin (@mikeorzenleanit (https://twitter.com/#!/mikeorzenleanit)). If we are lucky we might get Gene to read a chapter from his new novel. However, there definitely will be initial sharing of the research that went into the “Devops Cookbook”. The meetup is an informal gathering and the atmosphere will be casual with a lot of conversation. If you are interested in the topic of "Devops" or even "NoOps" please come join us. We would love to have you share your thoughts with us.

Compliments the daytime Kanban Devops Workshop

What does Kanban have to do with this? Actually Gene and John are involved in a Kanban workshop (http://agilemanagement.net/index.php/Blog/kanban_for_Devops_-_bay_area_ca_march_22-23_2012/) along with Devops/Kanban coach Dominica DeGrandis (@dominicad (http://twitter.com/dominicad)) during the day March 22-23. Since it will be fresh in everyone's mind, the meetup is going to focus heavily on how Devops and Kanban can be used in IT operations. There are a limited number of seats available for the daytime workshop (and there is a fee). The good news is this evening meetup is free! Join us for both events or just the meetup. We look forward to seeing you.