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Lambert will present some unfair hard interview questions and discuss how to solve them. Lambert will also present his version of fair interview questions and discuss what skills are used to solved them.

Unfair, hard interview questions:

1 [hard] Job interview question. Shuffle a deck of cards, assuming the deck of cards is represented
as a list. Hint: Fisher Yates Shuffle, one of the easiest to code

2 [very hard, interview question] Security has decreed that a new password cannot share any three
character sequence with the old password. Bonus: return a list of all three-character sequences
where old password and new password overlap

3 [ interview question; very hard] Write a function that takes a string and returns a boolean indicating
if there are balanced () [] {}. This is valid [()]{}. This is not valid [)](}}. Write your own test cases
using Test::More. Note: Currently a popular interview question, not just for Perl. Lambert needed
one hour for this question. Hint: split with empty field will break a string into individual char Another
Hint: grep can make for a simpler solution.