Chill with Will (Shakespeare Discussion Group)


Be a founding member of AOF's Shakespeare discussion group! We will celebrate and spread appreciation of Shakespeare with the help of a former high school drama teacher, Sean O'Brien, who you might remember as the fellow who played Robert Ingersoll at the 2019 California Freethought Day and Edgar Allan Poe's asylum patient last year at Reason Center.

Our first meeting is January 25, 2020, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Reason Center. All levels of knowledge are welcome.

At this first meeting, we'll decide on a play (or maybe part of a play?) to read for next month's meeting. Sean will invite attendees to recite from the text, perform scenes with others, or perform monologues.

Bring finger-food or drink to share and a dollar to help pay for the room. Depending on the play, Sean will also introduce various activities to enhance the experience. Naturally, we'll explore how atheists and agnostics have viewed the Bard over the centuries.

If you have a special Shakespeare-related story, be sure to share it with the group, because this is all about learning, growth, and fun!