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Meet with people who love chocolate. What food inspires passion and excitement in your? If you say, "chocolate," then this is the Meetup group for you.

Meet with people who love chocolate... eating it, tasting it, trying it, cooking with it, and living with really great chocolate.

Come to chocolate salons, chocolate tastings, wine events, cooking classes, chef demos, book signings ("French Chocolate"), and other tasty stuff.

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Black and Latino CHOCOLATE SALON

Online event

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday weekend, the International Chocolate Salon and TasteTV are presenting a Black & Latino Chocolate Salon on January 10th thru 18th at www.BlackChocolateSalon.com Support your tastebuds this while supporting Black and Latino businesses, set your calendar for this livestream video shopping event. Think QVC and HSN for Artisan Chocolate! Says a TasteTV spokesperson, “Chocolatiers and confectioners are artists who deserve support for their delicious creations and mastery of the science of working with chocolate. Black and Latino Chocolatiers are small businesses that bring joy to the community, and to chocolate lovers!” Get ready to get amazing chocolate, for yourself, your family, and your gifts! The Black & Latino Chocolate Salon takes place virtually with an amazing online marketplace of great deals and limited-time offers of mouthwatering chocolates, confections, and culinary creations from artisan makers. ONE-TIME CHOCOLATE DEALS, Find great limited-time only deals on these artisan chocolate, confections and treats. Quantities limited, so get yours now TASTE, TRY & SHOP from a curated Best of the Best collection of Award-Winning Holiday Chocolates, Confections, and Artisan Creations. GIVE CHOCOLATE, Stock up on gifts for your friends, family, and for yourself. You can also visit the Holiday Chocolate Salon starting on February 10th, and start getting these one-of-a-kind deals on chocolate creations that are exclusive to the Salon and could sell out early. Visit http://www.BlackChocolateSalon.com or http://www.Facebook.com/ChocolateSalon

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