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Women's Healing Clinic/Free Aura Healing Clinic (male and female)
Berkeley Psychic Institute of Sacramento is honored to hold space for Women's Healing Clinic held every Monday. The women's healing clinic is a wonderful space to have other women assist you in receiving psychic healing. This is a space to bring any topic you would like a healing on whether that be family, career, love life, and so on. The healing includes a brief communication on areas related to your female well-being and creative space. First time free, $10 free-will donation thereafter. Free Aura Healing Clinic - both men and women are welcome for the aura healing clinic. If you may have any questions, please email [masked] or call[masked]

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At the Berkeley Psychic Institute, you can be your own Spiritual Explorer: take classes in Meditation, Psychic Skills, Healing abilities, or make an appointment to get a Psychic Reading or Healing from our trained friendly staff & students. Stop by our Sacramento location for a quick “hello”, participate in a class online, or join one of our training programs to become a Spiritual Counselor or Teacher. For the last 40 years, over 300,000 people have learned simple and powerful tools taught in BPI's psychic kindergarten

Creed: We of the Church believe in limitless space, timeless endurance, never ending acceptance, everlasting patience, and continuous comprehension. "What if a man gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" asks Jesus. To a mystic with eyes turned inward towards infinity and cosmic consciousness, his words have great meaning. Psychic freedom creates no ideologies, no isms, no dissenting philosophies which divide, corrupt and destroy communication between human souls. No governments are upturned, no faiths cut down by the sword, no sects or types eliminated; only a one to one contact between the cosmic and a living soul, which flames quietly, bringing a lifetime of contentment and a realization that nothing in this world is worth exchanging for that attainment.

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