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Welcome to the meetup formerly known as Sacramento Polyamory!

Big changes are underway. Keep checking back for the group naming contest and new events to come!

This is a group for polyamorous or poly-curious people in/near Sacramento who want to meet other polyamorous people. You should join this group if you're polyamorous, or in an open relationship, or just want to talk about how these types of relationships work. This is a calendar that lists the poly events in the greater Sacramento area. Events and RSVP's may not reflect the entire attendance at these events since they are being listed on multiple sites (Facebook).

NOTE: this is not an online hook-up or swinger group.

Prohibited Use of This Group (yes, it has to be said)

1. contacting members online that you haven't met IRL soliciting dates/sexual encounters

2. contacting members with ANY solicitations/advertisements for commercial or non-commercial purposes or events If you receive these types of unwanted messages, please forward to the organizer so that member can be removed.

If you have any questions or concerns about a meetup, please contact that event host directly (their contact info is on the event's calendar page). Since I only create and amange the calendar, I might not have ever attended the event you are wondering about!

We look forward to your involvement and attendance at the plethora of various Sacramento Poly events. Welcome!

***IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH THE HIGH AMOUNT OF AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATION EMAILS FROM THIS GROUP OR WANT TO BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE TIPS: https://www.meetup.com/help/How-can-I (https://www.meetup.com/help/How-can-I-stop-getting-so-much-email/)-...­

Upcoming events (4+)

LODI: Social dinner


Laid back social event to meet like minded people.

Polyamory 101/Ethical Non-Monogamy - Round Table Discussion

Needs a location

Hi Everyone!!

I am hosting this safe space for individuals (18 and over only) looking to begin their own journey of ethical non-monogamy/polyamory. This monthly event is geared to those new to this ethical non-monogamy/polyamory. You should absolutely attend if you are curious about ethical non-monogamy/polyamory. This will be a more round table discussion. This is not a hookup or swinger group, this is also not your private therapy session. This event will be crossposted, so make sure you get your tickets because I have capped it at 25, due to COVID spikes. Use the eventbrite link at the end to secure a spot.

Wear your mask, yes wear your mask indoors.

This is not a kid or family friendly event, so please do not bring your children to this. Seriously, you will be turned away. Topics covered will be adult in manner and may or may not also contain questionable language and/or sexual topics. Every month I will have a different topic of discussion.

This will be held in a public space, a pizza place, so please dress accordingly. No outside food and beverages be brought at Mountain Mikes. They offer soda, tea, and beer. It is also a good place to hangout afterwards.

Long ass link: https://sacpoly101.eventbrite.com

SACRAMENTO: Social mingle

Bike Dog Broadway Taproom

Come one, come all! All are welcome! This event is posted on fetlife.com and Facebook as well. Have conversation with seasoned veterans, learn about polyamory from others, meet new people, or just have a beer!

In all things, enthusiastic consent is to be required. If you ever feel unsafe, find someone with a gold stars on their name tag.

This will become a recurring event, every 2nd Thursday of the month.

Please tip graciously so the venue and staff want us back! (I suggest 20% but no less than 18%)

FAIR OAKS: Game Time

Elysium Cards and Games

Tabletop games with other Polyamorous people!

This is a small venue and so only 30 is allowed. First come first rsvped. If you can no longer come please change your rsvp so that others can. Must rsvp guest you are bringing.



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ZOOM: Share Circle/ Safe Space

Online event

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