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What we’re about

The Sacramento Road Cruisers is a club of active, experienced motorcycle riders with the common interest of exploring back roads and the beauty of Northern California. We value friendship and the camaraderie that comes from shared activities. Membership in the Sacramento Road Cruisers is $20/year for individuals, and $35/year for couples.  If you are new to our group, come ride as a Guest a time or three. If you determine we're a good fit, we ask that you become a member of the Sacramento Road Cruisers to continue enjoying our rides and activities.

We ask that you have ridden at least 5,000 miles of street riding within the last two years, and at least 500 miles on your current bike before considering riding with us. Our primary activity is group riding. All types and brands of bikes are welcome. Our weekend rides average 125 to 400 miles. Some rides might be a little peppy with a spirited, adventurous flare, while others are relaxed and focus on taking in the sites and sounds around us. We ride year-round, weather permitting.

All rides are planned in advance and lead by one of our Road Captains. Each Road Captain has his or her own riding style and preference. Having fun safely is key. We discourage unsafe riding practices including the use of alcohol or other drugs while operating a motorcycle.