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Awakening? It’s not just about Waking Up --- to fully realize our conscious nature.   It's also about Waking into  --- into life, our bodies through and while in relationship and interaction with others  (with authenticity and honoring). These are the insights of Trillium Awakening Teachers.   Many people have awakened through Trillium, and dozens of Trillium teachers  are available to facilitate highly personalized unfolding into the fullness of who we truly are. This Sacramento group meets to deepen our experience of our own awakening journeys, and to hold each other in mutuality. We’ll co-create a safe space for sharing our ups and downs our insights an confusion.  We’ll practice radical acceptance in Being with whatever is happening in the moment, without pressure to redirect it. Transformation happens readily and organically through the wisdom of Being, in each person’s right timing. In this atmosphere of compassion, deep shifts are the norm rather than the exception.  We meet monthly  on a Saturday with Trillium Awakening Teacher, Michael Grossman who comes from Marin County.  All are welcome, regardless of prior spiritual background. For more information see: 

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