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I invite you to gather in ceremony with us to experience the heart opening plant medicine of Cacao!

All chocolate lovers agree that there is something very special and even sacred about chocolate and we are here to connect the dots of why this ancient Cacao medicine is opening the hearts and minds of souls everywhere.

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine that has been used by indigenous Mesoamerican cultures for over 3,500 years, and the Cacao bean's unique chemical makeup has earned the scientific name "The Food of the Gods."

Drinking ceremonial Cacao promotes a natural state of heightened awareness. An uplifted and expansiveness state where you can experience more love for yourself and others, a radiance and a deep connection with your intuition, so you can get clear on your heart's deepest desires.

Participating in a guided Cacao Ceremony has the ability bring you from confusion to clarity, from doubt to trust from fear to love and to a place of deep rest and relaxation.

After working with Cacao for the many years and participating in tradition Mayan and Peruvian ceremonies, I am now ready to share my wisdom with you so that you too can follow your heart and be guided into the fullest, most joyful expression of who you are.

Our magical events are a fusion of ceremonial raw cacao, meditation, pranayama (breathing) music, shamanism and connection.
Themed events will include the addition of New and Full Moon, Seasonal, Yoga and Wild Women Cacao Circles.

A sacred and high vibrational space will be created for you to connect, release and experience Cacao with the intentional use of sacred ceremonial herbs, essential oils and crystals. All you need to do is show up and surrender to the experience!
By surrendering to the process, you will leave with a deeper connection to yourSelf, the spirit of Cacao and perhaps a whole new perception of the direction of your life. Pure Magic!

Our ceremonial grade Cacao is very different to the raw cacao that you eat or add to your smoothies. Our authentic ceremonial grade cacao is from Central America and your cacao drink is prepared with pure love and intention.
I add traditional spices that were used by the Mayans, high vibrational and purified water that has been infused and charged in order to assist you in connecting to your heart's desire.

Cacao is perfectly safe and natural to drink in the quantity provided unless:

• You are taking anti-depressants (as the natural chemicals interact with the active component in anti-depressants)

• You have a serious heart condition. This is because cacao increases the blood flow to the brain and the rest of the body by 30-40%.

• It is safe to drink when pregnant though we may reduce your dose a little.

If you have any concerns about these please feel free to contact me. The basic details of how to prepare and location in Montclair NJ will be emailed to you upon registration.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Hyacinth Mills is a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Raw Food Chef and Shamanic Energy Practitioner.
The former and original creator of the Montclair and New York Raw Food Meet-up. Hyacinth looks forward to meeting new and old friends and sharing the knowledge of the wisdom keepers in ceremony, gatherings and spiritual connection.

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