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At LAW OF ALLOWING - CACAO CEREMONY NY, I incorporate the many modalities, in which I've been trained, to offer you the most complete mind/body/spirit Cacao Ceremony-Journey experience possible! I utilize the power of meditation, reiki, music/sound bath, Intention setting, oracle cards and energy play to help you connect to your Higher Self, yourself as Pure Energy.

CEREMONIAL GRADE KEITH'S CACAO IS CHOCOLATE in its purest form!!! It is a SUPERFOOD!!! :-) You are fully present, functional and cognizant after drinking cacao. It simply helps you lift the veil of the ego mind to go deeper on all levels. The Health Benefits are staggering, including heart health, brain health, increased blood flow, seratonin level increase, massive antioxidants, magnesium, and so much more!!! The Cacao Ceremony involves intention, reiki energy clearing, guided meditation, breathing and music/sound. You can read more here:

Typically, our cacao ceremonies will be a mixture of Intention, Sound/Music, a Full Reiki Session, Guided Meditations, Integration and more... Online and In-Person.

The exact process we go through is very fluid, depending on the type of ceremony we are doing and based on the group intention. We love creating a connected community though the process. Your experience depends largely on your own intention for the ceremony.

For each ceremony, we tailor each experience to your specific needs. New attendees are encouraged to discuss with us their prior experience with cacao and energy work and what their intention is for the ceremony. We strive to make the most comfortable, high vibrational environment for you.

We proudly offer Keith's Cacao (Keith's Cacao) in ceremony and for purchase (online and in person - as we believe it to be the most pure and high vibrational.

Ceremonies are held in Long Island, New York City and New Jersey. If you have a space you want to offer, please feel free to message me directly. I do offer private ceremonies, where I will come to your location. We love to come in for retreats as well, so keep us in mind!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. (
Have a most beautiful day!


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