SLUUG ~ Docker Security, FISH shell

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month until December 10, 2019

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Venue subject to change until we find a new permanent location.

The BASE presentation is on fish (Friendly Interactive Shell) by Moises Baltazar.

The friendly interactive shell (fish) is a unix shell that attempts to be more user-friendly, interactive, and feature-rich than competing shells (sh, csh, bash, and zsh). Unlike zsh, which requires investing time to configure plugins to make it pop, the best things about fish are already builtin and enabled.

Moisés is a freelance consultant who specializes in Data Science. He speaks javascript and R, but dreams in python. He may be found on the web at, or @mobalt on github, kaggle, or linkedin.

The MAIN presentation is Docker Container Security by Bob Ward.

Docker and other systems for running infrastructure in containers have
become increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes over the past
few years. Whether you're running them to avoid configuration headaches, for isolation between services, or to ensure a consistent deployment, containers have many benefits over traditional system deployment methods.

In this talk, we'll go through a 101 level introduction to deploying
containerized infrastructure securely with Docker. The talk will cover
topics like

* patching
* underlying host access
* automated tools

to help guard against mistakes. We'll also talk about some best practices for building and deploying your containers that can help avoid trouble down the road.

Robert has given an earlier version of this talk at the STL2600 Group here at ArchReactor in early summer and at the Phreaknic Hackers Conference in Nashville.

Robert Ward is the co-founder and CTO of Juristat. In his role there he's helped build a fully containerized infrastructure that handles secure data from many of the top patent filers and firms in the country. He is also a co-founder of Arch Reactor Hackerspace, and a co-organizer of the monthly STL2600 meeting.

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