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Yore Garage Band Sept. Jam TBA. Guitar, Bass, Drum, Keys filled. Need vocal. $8
Our core group of "studio musicians" practice one-a-month as the 'Yore Garage Band.' We have been working on tunes from our monthly Song lIsts. Our song practice is a playing and teaching jam session. You can develop the art of soloing, as well as "call and response," and extended jam improvisation. Paul W will post the songlist from the previous month. Each musician can add or delete songs on the list, by posting suggestions on our monthly meetup page. Each song is a group collaboration. Organizer Paul W inspires the creative energies for our group. Sid is the Songleader that keeps our songs on track. None of our musicians play solos or vocals louder then anyone one else. We practice each song several times to tighten our group harmony and practice improvisation skills. NOTE: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY THE MELODY FOR ALL THE WARM-UP SONGS ON OUR LIST TO ATTEND! This Jam Session is a good fit for musicians with at least one year of jam session experience (three years experience would make the extended solos easier for you to play). Format: We will practice our blues and rock songs at least two times each. We will also work on improvisation techniques... to enhance the ability of each musician to listen to the other players. (1) Nail the melody (2) Tighten up the group sound. (3) Follow the drummer (4) look for signals from other players (5) Singer or Songleader selects the solos and the call & response (6) add riffs & musical phrases (7) Drummer raises and lowers the volume to highlight each instrument.

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