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What we're about

As in Jazz, "Nothing changes but the changes".

We will be back, be ready to play. I hope to see you all soon.


The San Diego Jazz Collective is a varied group of musicians who get together to share musical knowledge and ideas in a Jazz Improvisational setting. Our mutual goal is to inspire and be inspired by others and to take our musicality to the next level. Of course, our ultimate objective is to have fun at the same time!!!

This is a great way to meet fellow musicians. If you have the space to Host a Jam you may schedule a Meetup Jam session on the Home Page. The site is here for your use. You may advertise your Events, Gigs, jams etc.

Who should join?

Here are some basic guidelines for The SD Jazz Collective. In order to best serve the entire Meetup Group, please adhere to the following:

We are a performance group and it's assumed that all members know how to read jazz charts and already have a pretty good facility playing their primary instrument.

It is also the responsibility of all members who participate in a jam to learn the SDJC repertoire well enough that you can play the melodies, (horns and other melodic instruments) chords, keep time, (rhythm section and chordal instruments, i.e. guitar, piano, bass, and drums) AND be able to improvise through the changes (everyone). Real Book Jazz Standards.

Due to space concerns each jam will only have a specific number of open spots available. Please do not bring any guests to the jams unless you get permission from the host beforehand.

Each host will have a limit of players allowed per instrument at each jam. Look at the confirmed instrumentation before you sign up.

If it looks like you would create a duplication then maybe pass on that one and find another one. It is first come first served. However, Playing level is a consideration. If there are no more spots available for that instrument and you RSVP "Yes" anyway, you will be added to a waiting list or may be removed from the RSVP unless you can double on another instrument which still has an opening available.

RSVP's "Yes" means you're reasonably certain you'll be attending. Please, no "Maybes" or "I might be able to make it" etc.

If you RSVP'd "Yes", but are unable to make it due to some reason, please change your RSVP to "No" in a timely manner so that other members have the opportunity to RSVP to the open spot. Sometimes it's not possible to make it on the day of the jam due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e getting lost lol) so a phone call to the host would be preferable.

Most importantly though, let's have fun!

Music performance isn't meant for oneself, but rather the sake of others. Music is for sharing; This is our main philosophy.

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4th Tuesday Jazz Jam—January 28

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