Microsoft Talk on Deep Learning in Large Scale Search Advertising Systems

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1355 Market St

1355 Market St · San Francisco, CA

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Please check-in at the Microsoft desk in the MAIN lobby by the elevators and restaurants. **No Walk-Ins"

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Large scale search advertising systems have many challenges in Natural Language Understanding and Computer Vision areas such as query and ads understanding, semantic representation, fast ads retrieval and relevance modeling, product image understanding and product detection.

In his insightful talk, Bruce Zhang from Microsoft AI & Research will walk us through these various challenges and share how the Microsoft team has developed and deployed cutting-edge technologies, based on deep learning and ads domain data, in their Ads stack to improve ad quality and increase Revenue Per 1000 search (RPM).

In addition, he will also share deep learning techniques used in Bing Ads such as query/ads semantic embedding models and KNN search service, query tagging model, generative models for query rewriting, DNN based query-keyword relevance model, visual product recognition models, product detection and description generation models for Product Ads.

Who is this talk for?

If your work touches machine learning, this talk is for you. Insights learned will be helpful for data scientists, researchers, engineers and those working on products optimizing search functions. It will also be helpful for those seeking to deploy deep learning models at scale while keeping product integrity.

What can you expect?

You will walk away with a better understanding of the challenges of search systems, the machine learning based technologies, and the practical processes needed to create those technologies and a case study of how AI integrations is helping a core business function.

More about the speaker:

Bruce Zhang is a Partner Group R&D Manager in Microsoft AI & Research, he oversees R&D of query/ads understanding and matching algorithms, relevance ranking, machine learning models, information retrieval, personalization, and large-scale distributed serving systems development that power Ads retrieval in Bing Advertising marketplace. Learn more about Bruce here ->

We will kick off the meetup with food + networking at 6p and the talk will start at 6.30p. Our last meetup had standing room only so plan on being there early to get a seat.

**NO WALK-INs. PLEASE RSVP TO JOIN THIS EVENT** [This event will be hosted at Microsoft office in SF. Address will be shared with those who RSVP]