Basic Income at Stanford: Discussing the Basic Income Lab


Program concludes, stay for networking and community

Our guest for June's basic income event is Stanford Professor Juliana Bidadanure. She's the cofounder of the Basic Income Lab at Stanford, the first research center dedicated exclusively to basic income in the US.

The center will serve as an independent initiative to stimulate research, to advise those developing UBI policies and carrying out UBI experiments, and to convene scholars, policy makers, and leaders around the politics of UBI.

Join us Tuesday evening for a thought-provoking discussion on the role of academia in the basic income movement, and to hear about the initiatives the Lab will be pursuing.


- 6:30pm Doors open

- 7:00pm Program begins

- 8:00pm Program concludes, stay for networking and community until 9pm

Drinks and snacks will be available -- see you then!