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Today is the age of Scalable Systems and Big Data. Providing a meetup where we can discuss innovation, solutions and have pub nights for drinking and socializing.

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Marathon+Mesos+Docker support
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In this talk Tobi Knaup, co-founder of Mesosphere (http://mesosphere.io/) will introduce Marathon+Mesos+Docker, the easiest way to deploy Linux apps at scale. Speaker Tobi is a co-founder of Mesosphere, a startup that aims to simplify the development and operation of large scale infrastructure and distributed systems. He is the main author of Marathon, an Apache Mesos framework for managing long-running services. Tobi was one of the first engineers and engineering leaders at Airbnb. At Airbnb, he wrote large parts of the infrastructure including the search and fraud prediction services. He helped scale the site to millions of users and build a world class engineering team. Host We are looking for a sponsor/host for this event.

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