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Downtime is not an option - How Apache Mesos - DC/OS keeps apps running

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Downtime is not an option - How Apache Mesos and DC/OS keeps apps running despite failures and updates


Many talks and tutorials show how to deploy an application onto a cluster system, but don’t talk about the “morning after”, which is about keeping and maintaining that application in production.

There are a number of challenges involved, including:

• System failures

• System upgrades

• Application failures

• Zero-downtime application updates

• Varying workloads.

This talk will detail how DC/OS, the Datacenter Operating System which is built around Apache Mesos, ensures that your application stays up and running despite those challenges.

We will discuss the following topics: How DC/OS keeps itself running despite unreliable infrastructureHow we can update DC/OSHow DC/OS keeps applications up and runningHow we can update applications with new versions and configurationsDuring this discussion, we’ll look at the technical architecture of DC/OS and Apache Mesos, and talk about best practices for development and operations.


Originally from London and fresh from a year in Hamburg, Philip Norman recently moved to San Francisco to develop scalable container tooling for Mesosphere. Previously, Philip worked freelance in the web space on projects ranging from experimental social networks to FinTech solutions. He’s passionate about UX, OSS, and quality developer tools. Philip likes to relax by cycling, bouldering, and hacking on chatbots.


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