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A community for those interested in biotechnology and entrepreneurship. Events include presentations, pitch events, networking, cross-teaching, and projects. Events are primarily held in downtown San Francisco.

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The Future is Female: Female Health and Reproductive Technologies

*** RSVP on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-future-is-female-female-health-and-reproductive-technologies-tickets-120680447467 *** Half the world's population is female, but female-specific health problems are often overlooked. Listen to three founders changing that, by bringing new technologies to market and by de-stigmatizing the conversations around these issues. Learn about their innovative solutions to reproductive and intimate health problems. This event includes startup pitches, panel discussion, Q&A, and breakout rooms to meet the companies. Speakers: Chiara Heide, CEO of Brightcure COMBATING UTIs WITH PROBIOTIC PREDATOR BACTERIA 50% of women and 12% of men suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs) during their lifetime. Current UTI treatments present problems that include low efficacy, unwanted side effects, and accelerated development of antibiotic-resistant infections. Brightcure is solving the problem of poor treatment options for patients with recurrent UTIs by harnessing healthy, natural bacterial solutions to reduce the overuse of antibiotics. Gabriela Gutiérrez, CEO of Microgenesis FUTURE OF FERTILITY In a research study, Microgenesis began working with 40 fertility clinics, treating 287 women who had failed all attempts to get pregnant, including at least four expensive IVF treatments. These patients were beyond hope. With Microgenesis’ method of diagnosis and natural treatment, 75% of the women got pregnant. Microgenesis uses microRNA signatures, on swabs from both the gut and fertility biome, to diagnose dysbiosis and treat patients with neutraceuticals and diet-change. They intend to expand through fertility clinics, as well as cultivate a direct-to-consumer brand for women just beginning the journey. Colin Bortner, CEO of Ivy Natal THE FUTURE OF FERTILITY Ivy Natal is developing a novel process to create healthy human egg cells from skin cells, giving women the confidence in their ability to choose whether and when to have a child. Many fertility patients cannot have children except through the use of donor eggs. This can be due to surgery, chemotherapy, maternal age, or genetic conditions. Ivy Natal aims to enable these parents to have genetic children for the first time.

The Future of the Planet: Food Systems

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Please join us for The Future of the Planet: Food Systems on September 23rd at 1pm pst. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-future-of-the-planet-food-systems-tickets-119167987659 What will the future of our food systems look like and how will our food security impacted? You will recieve the Zoom Link information on September 23rd after registration. The panel will be moderated by Po Bronson, Managing Director at IndieBio with special guests: Bruce Friedrich, is Co-founder and Executive Director of The Good Food Institute (GFI). He is a TED Fellow, Y Combinator alum, and public speaker on food innovation. Christine Moseley, is Founder & CEO of Full Harvest. She is solving the food waste problem at the farm level with technology. Full Harvest is the first B2B platform for surplus and imperfect produce, connecting large farms directly to food & beverage companies . She was recently recognized as Fortune's #2 'Most Innovative Woman in Food & Drink' and Forbes’ #14 “Woman Crushing Tech” and Full Harvest was named one of Forbes' 'Most Innovative Agtech Startups.' Tom Tomich, is Founder of the Food Systems Lab at UC Davis, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Annual Review of Environment and Resources, & Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. James Joaquin, is Co-Founder & Managing Director at Obvious Ventures. He leads Obvious’ investments with a plant-forward approach to food including Beyond Meat (IPO) and Miyoko’s Creamery, “good for you goods” consumer visionaries Olly (acquired by Unilever) and Welly, and companies at the forefront of how we find and do our best work with Incredible Health and Gusto.

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Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Planet

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