Corda : Journey of a Distributed Ledger


Introducing Corda: Distributed Ledger Technology for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs


7:00 Doors open - Mediterranean snacks, sodas, bubbly water & basic beer

7:30 Welcome & intros

7:35 Robert Schwentker: Overview of DLT

7:50 Joel Dudley on Corda ( ) for building new businesses and CorDapps

9:00 Aloha & good night

Joel's talk: Corda is a distributed ledger platform built from the ground up to meet the needs of real world businesses - for confidentiality, for throughput, and for interoperability. This meetup - R3's first on the West Coast - will look at how these needs forced us to to re-evaluate traditional DLT design decisions, and how the resulting platform allows developers to create Corda applications (CorDapps) solving problems that are difficult or impossible to solve with traditional DLT systems.


Joel Dudley ( ) is part of Corda's Developer Relations team. Since joining R3 ( ) in November 2016, he has been working with both members and the open-source community to increase understanding and adoption of the Corda platform.

Robert Schwentker ( )
President of DLT Education
Blockchain Consultant to UN Women Robert Schwentker is a technologist and blockchain educator and has trained 1,000+ entrepreneurs & intrepreneurs, and inspired 125+ blockchain projects in the US, Brazil, India & Japan.
@schwentker ( )