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See Inside the Cloud: Deploying, Monitoring and Managing Your Apps

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This meetup will be hosted by New Relic in the building lobby.

Presenters: AppFog, New Relic and Loggly

Pizza and beer will be provided.


AppFog: Chris Tacy, Director of Marketing As we enter 2012, the true cost and time savings promised by cloud infrastructure are finally being realized. The cutting edge of Cloud tech no longer lies in virtualization and IaaS, but in App Lifecycle Management. By moving the human costs of setting up and managing Apps at the SysOps layer, velocity and cost savings increase exponentially, with on-going costs decreasing a commensurate amount. In this talk, Chris Tacy, AppFog's Director of Marketing, will explore the concepts of Cloud 2.0, No Ops and how users of AppFog and other PaaS vendors can leverage this power to deploy their applications with velocity and grace.

Loggly: Noah Gift, Director of Engineering Big Data is not a new concept, it's actually a very old one and has been a challenge that companies have been facing for years, and are trying to tackle more than ever today. With applications growing more powerful and complex, even smaller and mid sized companies are finding themselves with the big data problem. Applications have tons of log data that contains the gold mine of application performance, customer engagement, and experience. This data should be used during development, deployment and continuous upgrades for monitoring and analyzing application health and performance. This data should be used for business and development decisions in helping making your applications better, faster, and more secure. Will show you how you can do complete application intelligence, saved searches for easy monitoring of specific events, alerting so little problems don't become huge ones and application analytics that will help you in making a better customer experience.

New Relic: Etan Lightstone, SR UI Designer Etan will give an overview of New Relic's web application monitoring solution and then offer a unique perspective on solving specific challenges involved with engaging customers and prospects on a regular basis. Regular HTML reports can attract customers who've gone cold, or give curious prospects a taste of what your solution has to offer. As we know, there are many common rules of designing HTML emails (think of constraints like having to do table based layouts). But are these rules too constraining? New Relic's charts (Highcharts) are made with JavaScript, which doesn't work in email--or does it? What if there was a way to run charts server side to generate images that DO work in email, ands thus save yourself from buying another charting package?

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Cloud Mafia Team

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