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As part of CODAME ( ART-TECH Festival program.

GAMES@CODAME covers all aspects of a building Multi Platform Flash, HTML5 and Native Games.

This is a gaming group located and hosted in San Francisco focused and aim to involve audience and speakers at the national level.


[6:30 - 7:00]

Pizza, Beers & Mingle

Starting Live Streaming at 7:00 on ( (Check you timezone here (

Each session is of 30 min each + Q&A

[7:00 - 7:30]

A Trick of Light with David Lenaerts (aka @DerSchmale (!/DerSchmale))

Modeling how light travels through a 3D scene is one of the most essential and exciting tasks in creating a realistic looking settings. In this session, we'll explore the world of 3D and shader programming in as much a platform independent way as possible, so you can apply the techniques whether you're into Stage3D, WebGL, OpenGL, DirectX or cave painting. More ... (

[7:45 - 8:15]

Eight Elements To A Successful Game with Carlos Icaza (@CarlosIcaza (

What makes a game successful?

While there is no magic elixir as to what makes a game a success. I have seen a series of elements that most successful games have and in Cookie Monster lingo, here is the Letter E for the key elements to a successful game

The game must be engaging. The game must be entertaining. The game must be enjoyable. The game must be elastic. The game must be expandable. You must game must expose the user to other players. A game starts in an endemic area. A game, once it reaches mass appeal, it becomes an epidemic. It is viral and at this point unstoppable. More ... ( [8:30 - 9:00]

Open Mic. 10 min. presentations from the Audience

At GAMES@CODAME we value audience interaction and encourage participation. Bring your laptop, device and yoiur code or game to demo, given time is available come up on stage.

[9:15 - 9:30]

Q&A with Adobe

[9:30 - closing bar]

Drinks with the San Francisco Creative Coders (

We'll continue for drinks at the Mars bar ( on 7th & Brannan

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