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CI is DEAD. Or is it?! With Yegor Bugayenko - Teamed & Dave Casper - Moogsoft

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In this meetup we're taking the gloves off and we're going to battle it out - CI is Dead...LONG LIVE CI! (I suppose in honor of Game of Thrones return...)

Afterwards you can hash it out - and decide whose camp you're in.

So let the games begin.

Session #1 -CI is DEAD.

Continuous integration is a very popular idea that is supposed to keep software development process under control, increase build stability and improve quality. However, according to my observations, in reality it doesn't work like this. Being a nice and fancy instrument continuous integration very often acts more as a toy than a real enabler of higher quality. The main reason for this is a lack of synergy between business and DevOps objectives. A clean build is simply way less important artifact for a fast-moving business needs, comparing with new features and critical bug fixes. I've seen many projects where continuous integration server become turns into an expensive mail bot that informs everybody about build failures, but these notification are being processed with the lowest priority. What can we do about it? There is a solution which I'm going to explain and demonstrate.

Speaker Bio:

Yegor Bugayenko is a CTO and co-founder of, a custom software development company. Yegor is a hands-on Java and Ruby architect, author of a few popular open source tools (including, and and a big fan of test automation. Yegor is a proud holder of SCEA and PMP certifications. You can reach him at [masked] or read his blog at (

Session #2 - CI LIVES!

One View to Rule Them All : Convergence of Dev and Ops Service Assurance: DevOps also means convergence for systems assurance >> When build, ship and run were big, separate steps they were often also separate org teams using separate toolstacks i.e. QA and perflab teams would measure and watch the app before it went live and then once live a whole different set of tools would then measure and watch the app. With a continuos and automated SLDC there is a huge win opportunity to "converge QA and monitoring" i.e. to have holistic visibility across Dev and Ops. As an example, when a developer updates some code in an API method and the CI engine compiles the code it then can automatically notice if that check-in might have impacted the overall solution in any way, such as causing errors in another component or slowing the a transaction time n % etc. Tremendous cost savings opportunity in resource and licensing.

Speaker Bio:

David Casper is Moogsoft’s CTO North Americas and possesses over twenty years of large enterprise IT experience, including significant app development on multiple platforms and languages. Prior to his work at Moogsoft, David has been responsible for SDLC optimization architectures at several fortune 100 global enterprises. David is an expert in handling very practical implications of integrating producer and consumer side agile methodologies.

We're still working out a venue - so stay tuned, but this should definitely be a good one, so come one come all!