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Magic the Gathering Casual Players Meetup - Every Sunday!
WE ARE AT The Richmond Republic Draught House 642 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118 (415)[masked]pm-Midnight We have reserved the upstairs area. Just go inside and go to the back left and go upstairs. MTG players start showing up at 5pm. You are welcome to show up earlier and play upstairs, but we don't have the upstairs area solely reserved for us until 5pm. You may drown your sorrows in excellent beer until that time. This place has 24 beers on tap. The beer selection is insane. The Richmond Republic Draught House served excellent food as well. You MUST buy some food or drinks from the bar to play with us if you possibly can. If you only want a coke, well, ok, but please please buy some food from the bar. They have great bar food, and most of it is reasonably priced. Their kitchen is open till 10 or sometimes later. There's a bunch of tables upstairs and chairs we can move around as needed. You may play on the pool table on the condition that the only thing that goes on the table are MTG cards. NO BEER. You must place your drink elsewhere, and not on the edge of the table either. This place DOES allow people under the age of 21. However, NO UNDERAGE DRINKING ALLOWED. If you are caught offering your beer to an underage player, three things will happen: You WILL be ejected from the group and asked not to return. We MAY be ejected from the bar/restaurant and asked not to return. I personally will stack all of your cards on a table and play Landfill ( on them. Please don't jeopardize our great spot by doing something dumb. In short, BEHAVE. Horseplay, running (not that you folks do this), and similar crap won't be tolerated. To order, go downstairs and order at the bar. They will bring the food to you. No need to wait for a waiter/waitress. When buying food or a drink, you may start a tab. See you folks this Sunday at the Richmond Republic Draught House! Pass this along! ***** We play many different variants of multiplayer magic. Please, no proxies, or very few if at all possible. We usually play Duels Star (sometimes called Pentagonal) Anti-Star (New format!) Commander Tiny Leaders Emperor 2-Headed Giant (or more!) Left-right Attack Assassin Team variants of each of the above! Crazy fun. And More! Hear what others have to say about the Magic meetup! "It sucks. These guys bring these crazy-ass decks that always beat my tournament-caliber builds." --Bill "Don't go. These morons think they know how to play magic, but my legacy goblin deck can kill em all. I just have to remember to bring it next time." --Bob "I brought a vintage deck filled with proxy moxes. I won even before my opponents got to take their first turn! How cool is that! Of course, the next game I waited around while everyone destroyed everything i had in quick succession. But that's ok, I had fun!" --Amy If you are looking for websites to help you with deck ideas for casual magic, here are a few that are highly recommended: Magic Deck Vortex ( Essential Magic ( Especially check out the combos page...highly useful for breaking things not meant to be broken. TappedOut ( MTG Salvation ( Especially check out their rumors forum here ( This is where you will find out about upcoming cards and sets and other interesting tidbits. See you at SF Casual Magic Sundays!

Richmond Republic Draught House

642 Clement St · San Francisco

What we're about

Still have those old decks from high school boxed away somewhere? Want to try to get into the game again without worrying about tournaments? Just want to have fun, play casual Magic the Gathering and drink beer? Then our group is for you.

We play every Sunday evening, and have been for years. We'd love for you to join us! Almost any deck is allowed! (Yes, bring your broken-ass type 1 deck! It's multiplayer, and if you haven't played a lot of multiplayer, you will soon discover the Golden Equation of Multiplayer beatdown: The amount of time you last in a game is inversely proportional to the brokeness of the deck you played in the last game.)

We play many variants, including

Left-Right: Almost any amount of people; two games going at once with each player attacking to their right or left until only one remains

Assassin: Any number of players; each player draws a name and must kill that person only (unless they are a secret agent!)

5-pointed star: Kill the two directly opposite you on the star - 5 players (or 7)

2-headed giant


We don't usually play EDH but we are down for anything! We frown on proxies unless you have a limited number of them and plan on getting the cards. We frown on slivers. Or at least John does. (actually that means bring all your sliver decks.) We don't usually play with unglued cards or unhinged unless you let us know ahead of time. we drink beer. Join us every Sunday at 6pm at the Tee Off Bar & Grill at 33rd and Clement!

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