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This is a group that wants to get maximum leaning in the shortest possible time! These 'fun-shops' are taught by Michael Seewald, a working master fine-art photographer that has created, and shown, photographic art the world over. His passion for teaching equals his photographic art skill level. Says who? Say the grads who've come from all all over the country to join him, from New York to Miami, and from San Francisco to San Diego. For some 30 years he's been sharing his knowledge gleaned from a degree in photography and, now, 40 years of practice in it. He's won dozens of national and international awards. We hope you take the opportunity to join Michael in one of his rare workshops in the San Francisco, Monterey, Yosemite or Napa areas, or even in his home town, based in San Diego. See ya soon, Valerie Seewald (past Seewald collector, now wife!)

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Carmel 3 day AtoZ Tech. & Compositional photo workshop, Incl. free Seewald art

Michael Seewald Galleries


$795 for an intense, yet fun, three consecutive day class.
Deposit required: $200.

NOTE: "We usually sell these workshops out through our gallery in Del Mar, N. San Diego county, NOT through MeetUp. Just letting folks know as it might look like there are no, or few, sign ups. That's usually not the case."
The Seewald's


'Becoming a Master Photography Workshops' presents
Michael Seewald's Carmel, CA, Three Day, 'A-Z, everything there is to know, compositional and technical', photo workshop.


Michael Seewald’s recent workshop grad Kim Signoret-Parr wins ‘BEST OF SHOW’ at San Diego Int’l Photo competition, 2014, besting over 4,300 world-wide entries.

Here is what Kim said on her class critique form. Remember, she was already an advanced photographer, getting her work accepted into the fairs.

“Michael Seewald thoroughly lays out the rules of composition (I knew the rules, he SHOWS YOU HOW TO PUT THEM ALL INTO PRACTICE, and more importantly, all the things that can ruin a photo- I already knew the rules and then during three days: repeats, repeats, repeats ... drilling in our subconscious like a mantra what you need to remember every time you make a photograph. In the class we learn to MAKE a photograph not TAKE a photograph. We learn to make fewer, but better pictures. We learn to walk away from something that isn't working. Michael gave me new ways to think, new tools, and I am grateful and very happy that I spent three days learning from him. …. The unexpected benefit of the class was that I learned new ways of thinking and seeing. ”

Kim Signoret-Parr, La Jolla, CA, Class of May, 2013


YEP, this is a BONUS CLASS -
All participants that sign up for all
three days will receive a signed,
Michael Seewald original photograph of choice,
approx. 11x14 in size, valued at $750! WOW!

If you can only take Friday and Saturday, it would be $200 less.
NOTE: No bonus photo would be earned.


Photo copyright Michael Seewald 6.30.'05. All rights reserved.
Students shares images made during the previous days fun in Carmel.

Carmel / Monterey
'fun-shops' with Michael Seewald

"These two and three day Carmel photo classes/ workshops (aka 'fun-shops') are not to be missed. They generally fill up fast and provide great images that you will be able sell, if you are wanting to that is, Or to just hang them on your walls for you and your friends to appreciate for the rest of your life- guaranteed." MS

This is one great place to take an outdoor workshop. We not only learn all of the basics of good compositional factors but receive all of knowledge so we can use the technical skills needed to make them as well. We have a chance to apply all of the new knowledge in one of photography's heartlands. Ansel Adams, The Weston's (Edward, Brett and Cole) and a multitude of other serious fine art photographers (artists) have called this unique place home.

Point Lobos State Park, Carmel California
by Michael Seewald. All rights reserved.

We will usually work many of the areas best photogenic spots: Cannery Row; Big Sur; 17 Mile Drive; Fisherman's Wharf (night photography); Point Lobos; the Carmel Mission; the 'Barnyard' mall with it's terraced flower gardens; Carmel Village and quite a few other locations on and off the beaten path.

We will visit many of the photography and painting galleries in Carmel where Michael will point out how the compositional elements were used properly, or as in 90% of the time- improperly, and in no time the students are critiquing the art with that same critical eye.


Michael has been helping photographers for 30 years now. Here he poses with some of his Carmel students at the Highlands Inn, April 2008

Note: Karla Stevens, beginner, taller middle lady in upper row in above photo, has her testimonial here...

"...Michael, the workshop met my expectations. Delightful. Fun. Entertaining. This is what I wrote in an email to one of my friends:

"Last weekend I participated in a wonderful Photography workshop (3 days) in and around Carmel. The hands-on work was done at the the most beautiful and inspirational spots in Monterey County; The Mission, Old Town Monterey, Point Lobos, The Barnyard, Carmel by the Sea... What a wonderful place – where better to practice a new way of seeing and exercise my imagination.

The days averaged 9 hours plus gallery walks that followed. ...

The workshop is done in Carmel twice a year by Michael Seewald -(www.Seewald.com) he is funny, inspiring and entertaining as well as a master photographer - all the techie stuff would NOT have been lost on YOU - as for me, well, time will tell, I hope to hang on to some of the techie stuff and at least be able to create some beautiful art, with a camera, when I go to Europe in June. I was there for the inspiration, the brain exercise, to hang out w/ my Mom and Aunt Elise and for the creative stimulation - I was not disappointed and am blessed, really, holy cow, how great is this life!!"

Here is part of Karla's critique form.

How_helpful_was_class: 10 - Very helpful
How_satisfied: 10 - Very satisfied
value_for_the_money: About right
quote_me: ON
name: Karla Stevens, Salinas, Ca


$200 to reserve your space. Call to reserve and make cc deposit. [masked]

Balance due 15 days prior.

Cancellation/refund policy: All classes outside San Diego county- cancellation policy as of 11.1.'11 60 or more days before class, a certificate good for a future class will be issued (good for one year). With less than 60 days before class: No refund nor certificate will be issued.


San Diego 3 day, all day, intense yet fun A to Z photography workshop, only $695

Michael Seewald Galleries


Maybe you'll never enter a national competition, but if you do, wouldn't it be nice to know the multitude of compositional elements that will make the judges want to keep admiring your photograph so long that they MUST give it an award, like they did to these two Seewald grads at the San Diego Int'l photo competition!?!

NOTE: The $200 mentioned on price is the deposit amount, full price is $695.

"We get most of our students through advertising them at our gallery in Del Mar, CA (N. San Diego county) NOT through MeetUp so much. Just letting folks know as it might look like there are only a few sign ups when it might almost be sold out. "
The Seewald's

'Become a Master' Three day, A-Z, all about photography, both compositional and technical.


Above video testimony for beginners thinking of taking a class: David Durney explains that he not only learned what he came for, but much, much more. AND YOU WILL TOO!

Above video testimony link for advanced/pros thinking of taking this class: a 20 second video testimony, Jason Ellis, a pro from Los Angelos for 30 years and known as the 'King of Covers', with over 500 under he belt now!

Total prices are as follows:
All day Friday and Saturday ($500),
add an optional Sunday, ($195).

This is a BONUS class- you will receive a Seewald
original photo valued at $750 if you take all three days!!!

PLENTY of ONE-ON-ONE time with master photographer
Michael Seewald, no more than 6 students per class.


" this exciting class turned my digital camera into an artist's tool! I learned the difference between taking a picture and creating art. ...by taking this workshop Michael will open up a whole new world of photographic possibilities for you, he did me. ....”

Troy Garrow,
San Diego, Ca. / Class of[masked].’07


This is a BONUS CLASS, read details at bottom/ MS

Welcome to the exciting world of Michael Seewald's Photography classes

This is a two day class, where you will learn everything from A-Z, in both the technical AND the compositional department. You can not make award winners without having the full knowledge of these elements, and Michael Seewald, an international award winning artist, will be your guru in attaining all this info

Michael Seewald's compositional 'fun-shops' (yeah, they are not easy, but Michael keeps it light, so it's a lot of fun too, so students call them fun-shops, not 'work'shops) are held about once a month in San Diego County, in Southern California, where he lives with his wife Valerie (ex-collector, now wife). He also holds the 'A-Z' classes up in photogenic locations in central California once or twice a year- in Carmel, Napa and Yosemite.

He leads you step by step through the critical thinking process necessary to 'make', not just take, a photograph. Worth looking at not just for a second or two, but for many seconds. You'll learn the principles to captivate your audience with well thought out images. He'll give you the 'map' you have been missing to make your 'art' pop, to make 'WOWS', like his. It's not just luck, it's skill, and he wants to pass this knowledge to YOU, at very reasonable prices for what you get!

This is something passed down from the masters, 'how to see', 'how to compose', how to 'hold someone's eye in your art', and not even many photo professors understand this well, nor a lot of pros, that's why you just might have one or two in your class, that flew in from N.Y., or San Fran, etc., in the class with you, it's not uncommon!


Stream near Lake Sonoma by Michael Seewald.
Copyright Michael Seewald 2003, all right reserved. Image sponsored by Joe and Judy Donovan of New England, USA.


"... elements of composition being explained and repeated until we finally got it!"

Carl Morrison, advanced photographer.
Placentia, California / Class of 12.'98


Above, Becky Smith with her Certificate of Achievement that all grads receveive.

"Oh my goodness...

I knew I had a lot to learn but I never imagined I could learn so much...! I took away so much knowledge and hands on experience from this workshop. I was somewhat nervous about my beginner skill-level but Michael's ability to teach while exercising his natural tendency to turn everything into a joke was great!! I was at ease in no time."

Becki Smith, San Diego, California.
Beginner photographer/ class of 11.'06

Call Michael with any more questions at[masked]

More info here, along with dozens of testimonials: http://www.seewald.com/San_diego_digital_photography_workshops_and_courses.htm

To reserve, enter $200 deposit in payment box, or pay for complete class now, your choice. Balance due two weeks prior.

Cancellation/refund policy:
All classes outside San Diego county- cancellation policy as of 11.1.'11. 60 or more days before class, a certificate good for a future class will be issued (good for one year). With less than 60 days before class: No refund nor certificate will be issued.

Yosemite Class -Michael Seewald's A-to-Z, three whole days- only $795

Location visible to members


"The class greatly advanced my photographic skills. I feel much more comfortable using my camera from a technical aspect. I now understand what the camera settings mean, and how to tweak them for optimal photo quality. As important, maybe more so, I now know how to compose a photo for a more beautiful photo, one that others will find interesting enough that they'll more than just glance at. Considering the above, my investment in travel and cost of equipment, the class was a good value. I feel that I am now able to turn mediocre snap shots into memorable works of art."
Frank Weber, San Diego three day class of[masked]

"'Becoming a Master Photography Workshops' presents:

Michael Seewald's 3 day Yosemite Photography Class,
'A-Z all about photography, both compositional and technical'

$200 reserves your space. Balance due 14 days prior.

Seewald's workshops...the difference over others? You aren't just driven around to pretty sites, which you could do on your own, you are taught how to see, think and create, like a master, from a master. That way, when you get to pretty places on your own, you'll be able to make exciting, award winning art with the concepts you've now practiced and learned.

Copyright Michael Seewald 2014, all rights reserved

All participants that take the three classwill receive a signed Michael Seewaldoriginal photograph of choice, approx. 11x14 in size, valued at $750!

WOW! That's right, BUT if you need to you can take just the first two days, for $595, the Friday and Saturday. BUT most take all three and get the extra learning/practice with a master PLUS get the bonus Seewald original photo too.


"...I enjoyed another great outdoor experience with Michael, rain and snow and sunshine. What a wonderful opportunity to study with a master of the light in so many different light conditions. I will be back again for another class."

Vicki Dobbs,
Clovis, California,
Yosemite class of March 10-22, '09

"Michael, My recent outdoor show in Santee, Ca. was a great success. ... I can't tell you the number of times people have looked at different pieces of my artwork and said "Wow!" It is exactly what you said would happen from the application of your principles. I am really jazzed about (the multi-day class) Carmel, I have my room and plane tickets already taken care of....Looking forward to seeing / learning from you again soon. "

Dan McGeorge,
Santee, Calif..
(Now a photo-artist with his own gallery in Coronado, CA.)


Cancellation/refund policy: All classes outside San Diego county- cancellation policy as of 11.1.'11. 60 or more days before class, a certificate good for a future class will be issued (good for one year). With less than 60 days before class: No refund nor certificate will be issued.


All the particulars here: http://www.seewald.com/San_diego_digital_photography_workshops_and_courses.htm

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