AMAZONITE: The Middle Road/Sacred Path: an interactive Playshop


"Let us open your voice and let expression flow from the heart. Allow all that touches your path to be sacred and a guiding light on your journey home."

(Liquid Crystal Oracle)

Amazonite is a sacred stone of the Ascended Lord Buddha. It fosters balance and equanimity as it unites the heart and throat chakras facilitating divine guidance. During this playshop we will activate and download these powerful energies and clear the sacred path to your authentic expression.

Suggested offer of appreciation:

$15 - $25

"Step into my calming light, I carry the blending of all that you are, as we are one, never apart. Our meeting is no accident or mystery, it is the common ground within all creation...
by my side, you will be free to walk the Middle Road, distanced from the illusionary burdens of a mortal life and governed only by your divinity."
(Message from Amazonite from
The Liquid Crystal Oracle
by Justin Moikeha Asar)

Love & Light All Ways

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