Past Meetup

Success Party: Come As You Will Be In 2012!


At this special SFPCN evening event we are going to be doing something a wee bit different. For the most part our group focuses on finding something- a lead, a contact, a strategy, a job, or a contract. On this night we will be celebrating Finding It! That's right, it's Feb 2012, the search is over and we are gathering together with our former job transition comrades to acknowledge and share our good fortune!

So what's it all about anyway? When you spend an entire evening living out the lifestyle you want and deserve, you lay down powerful blueprints in your subconscious mind that will later support you in perceiving opportunities, creating powerful solutions, attracting the right people, and taking the necessary actions to achieve your dreams and goals.

Party creator and host, SFPCN member Katherine Bernitt invites you to this Success Party!

Arrive as who you will be one year from now. Dress in your very best. Speak only in the present tense the entire evening, as if it were already 2012, with all of your goals achieved and your dreams already come true. Bring props to show everyone what you have achieved, such as best-selling books you've written, magazine covers you've been on, awards you've won, and photographs and scrapbooks of your achievements. Throughout the evening we will have the opportunity to appluad others in their achievements and to receive congratulations. This promises to be a very fun evening!

The event will be a potluck so we urge everyone to make something special from their repetoire of dishes. If you are unsure of what to bring to this festive evening here are some suggestions below.

Hor d'oeuvres:

(Suggestions: Brie, gorgonzola, herbed goat cheese and crackers; Hummus and pita; Crab cakes; Raw vegetables and dip; Potato chips)

Cheese and crackers-Anne Campagnet--Reed

Hummus, pita and carrots--Lillian

Brie and bread--Dave

Fresh bread---Antonia

Main Dishes:

(Suggestions: Lasagne; Pasta; Ham; Turkey; Chicken)

Vegetarian dish--Chris

Beef stroganoff (maybe)--Sam R.

Quinoa with sausage--Alan

Salads and Side Dishes:

(Suggestions: Roasted Vegetables; Green Salads)

Roasted vegetables--Jim



(Suggestions: Cakes; Pies; Cookies; Chocolates; Ice Cream)

Home-made chocolate with orange zest and almonds--Nell



A dessert--Brian


Break down and clean-up

Help needed with car to help deliver/return props and supplies to and from Valencia Gardens