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This group is focused on providing public education and cultural understanding about psychedelic plant medicines and promoting a bridge between the ceremonial use of
sacred plants and psychedelic science.

We envision a world where plant medicines and other psychedelics are preserved, protected, and valued as part of our cultural identity and integrated into our social, legal and health care systems.

We host community gatherings and conferences that explore the most important issues happening across the modern psychedelic landscape. Our events feature thought leaders, academics and healers from a variety of disciplines who are working to skillfully bring psychedelic medicine into modern society.

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Who Put the DEA in Charge of Psychedelic Regulation and What Can We Do to Fix...

## Friday, August 19th, 2022 from 12:00-2:00pm PST

On July 22, 2022, facing opposition from a coalition of scientists and companies, the DEA announced they were withdrawing their proposal to ban five psychedelics. On July 26, 2022, the department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the same org that submitted concern to the DEA of these psychedelics in 2012, expressed support of exploring psychedelic-assisted therapy. That same day, a bipartisan bill to make Psilocybin, MDMA and other Schedule 1 substances available for terminally ill patients was introduced. What does this mean for the future of psychedelic research? In this community forum, Matthew Baggott, Ph.D, Alaina Jaster, Dillan DiNardo and Graham Pechenik will provide a retrospective of their experiences in the landmark case against the DEA, along with the history of scheduling psychedelics, and the impact on research and communities. They will go through the process of showcasing how this collective effort of scientists and orgs rallying against the DEA, along with strong public support, yielded an unexpected victory. They will further share perspectives on what this precedent may mean for the future of psychedelics in relation to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the evolving role of the DEA, FDA and HHS, the influence on the cases with the psychedelics DOI and DOC, and the long road ahead to ensure psychedelics are all removed from the most restrictive drug regulation category.

Dillan DiNardo is the co-founder and CEO of Mindstate Design Labs, a preclinical-stage biotechnology company developing modified conscious states for therapeutic applications in mental health disorders. Dillan previously worked in venture capital, executing and managing over 50 biopharma, medical device, and healthtech investments ranging from pre-seed spinouts to publicly traded companies.

Alaina Jaster is a neuropharmacologist studying the potential therapeutic mechanisms of existing and novel psychedelics using preclinical models of depression and addiction at Virginia Commonwealth University. She received her bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Central Michigan University in 2018 where she focused on ketamine induced neuroplasticity. She is passionate about her research but also about bringing advocacy and science education to non-specialists by making research more accessible. To that end, she has written multiple articles for Psychedelic Science Review and has recently started her own website and brand, Your Brain on Science, to provide a multimedia approach to understanding science. Alaina is also involved in outreach associated with drug policy and harm reduction.

Matthew Baggott, PhD, is a neuroscientist who has worked across three decades to legally study MDMA and related molecules within the complex regulatory system that surrounds controlled substances. Matthew is co-founder and CEO of Tactogen Inc, a public benefit corporation that is developing a next-generation of MDMA-like medicines. Before starting Tactogen, Matthew was most recently a Director of Data Science & Engineering at Genentech. Matthew studied philosophy as an undergraduate at University of Chicago and earned his PhD in neuroscience at University of California Berkeley.

Graham Pechenik is a registered patent attorney, and the founder of Calyx Law. He has a BS from UC San Diego, where he chose his Cognitive Neuroscience and Biochemistry majors after his first psychedelic experiences inspired deep curiosity about the bases for changes in consciousness, and a JD from NYU, where he initially pursued interests in bioethics and cognitive liberty. After a decade at large law firms representing companies in the agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and technology industries, including litigating patents at trial and on appeal, Graham started Calyx Law to work with cannabis and psychedelics ventures. Graham is also editor-at-large of Psilocybin Alpha, where he writes about psychedelics IP, provides data for patent trackers, and helps maintain a psychedelics legalization and decriminalization tracker, and he is a member of Chacruna’s Council for the Protection of Sacred Plants. He was raised in Oakland, CA, and currently lives in San Francisco.

This talk will be recorded and immediately available for rewatch for all attendees.

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The Genie Is Out of the Bottle: Reflections on the Globalization of Ayahuasca

## Thursday, September 8th, 2022 from 6:00pm-10:30pm PST

Atlas Room
1100 N. Western
Los Angeles, CA
*Paid underground parking garage located at 1110 N. Western Ave

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Tickets: $25
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We are excited to announce an in-person Chacruna event which is part of our new series Chacruna Community Dialogues. This panel will be focused on educating the public and bringing awareness to the emergent globalization of ayahuasca. This event will include a panel discussion with Ariel Clark, who is General Legal Counsel to Chacruna Institute and member of Chacruna’s Board of Directors, Bia Labate, who is a Brazilian anthropologist and Executive Director of Chacruna, Sitaramaya Sita, who has traveled, worked and studied extensively in the Amazon for the past 20 years, and Tony Moss, who is the founder of I.AM.LIFE, a Los Angeles-based non-profit event production company focused on interconnectivity. Prior to the panel, live music will be provided by I Am Life Music. After the panel, we will also provide a space for socializing among participants and attendees, to whom we will be happy to offer delicious snacks and drinks for refreshment. Tickets to participate in this event can be purchased here.

With the mainstreaming of psychedelics, we are seeing more and more stories of people talking about their ayahuasca experiences at retreat centers in the Amazon and elsewhere. From celebrities on talk shows, reality tv shows, vlogs on youtube, to decriminalization efforts in the U.S., all of these representations of ayahuasca use in pop culture and the general public sphere are peaking the interest of people across the nation to have these experiences themselves. What is happening globally with ayahuasca, and what are the biggest concerns with this expansion beyond the Amazon, and how do we address these issues? For some, this globalization might represent a hope to save our societies and even human species, while for others, it’s a very problematic phenomenon. How can we understand this complex cultural scenario? Are there benefits in this globalization? And who is benefitting? What is happening to Indigenous communities outside of the U.S. who come from ayahuasca traditions? What is happening in the U.S. in regards to ayahuasca? Are local US communities healthy, ethical and organized? How do we combine a critical reflection on these matters while also acknowledging love, spirit, and the real lived benefits of healing and spiritual growth that many of us have experienced in our own flesh? In this panel, speakers will address topics such as: mainstreaming, commodification, cultural appropriation, extractivism, tokenism, conservation, Indigenous reciprocity, legal regulation, spirituality, ethics, and education. With different backgrounds and expertise, ranging from law & policy to decades of researching ayahuasca in the Amazon, or practicing these healing modalities, speakers hope to raise awareness about key issues and create community safeguards as ayahuasca goes global. Come support advancing cultural understanding and legitimacy for ayahuasca, engage in advocacy and protection of sacred plants and cultural traditions, and most importantly: to be together in community as ayahuasca people!

### Program (PST)

6:00 – 6:30pm: Arrival of guests N live music by I Am Life
6:30 – 8:00pm: Panel
8:00 – 10:30pm: Social hour + networking + snacks

Dr. Beatriz Caiuby Labate

Tony Moss

Sitaramaya Sita

Ariel Clark

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