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This volunteer group is for people who want to use their skills to create long term sustainable impact abroad. We belong to a country and a place with so much wealth and opportunity, however, there are others in the world that are not as fortunate. Let's put our heads AND SKILLS together to help those who are on the margin.

We are inviting all people who want to use their tech skills, business skills or teaching skills to create impact. There are enough groups that send people abroad to paint walls or move bricks, but is that really impact? We are looking for innovative, smart, and skilled professionals to contribute their skills to make lasting and important impact.

There are two main ways to contribute as a part of this group.

1) you can contribute by brainstorming solutions to the most pressing issues that we present

2) you can join a volunteer team to go abroad and volunteer in the field.

See you at the next meeting or abroad on a volunteer program!

The organizing team!

Upcoming events (3)

Skilled Based Volunteer Abroad Meet-up and Live Panel

***Please grab your tickets here (they are by donation only/free if you don't want to donate). All proceeds go to support our work of education around the globe :https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/skilled-based-volunteer-abroad-meet-up-and-live-panel-tickets-54859977670*** Are you interested in having a massive and sustainable impact ? Silicon Valley is one of the smartest regions on the planet. Our tech population is solving some of the world’s complex problems: from communications, to transportation, search and entertainment. However, when it comes to volunteering abroad opportunities, there is not much out there beyond building a toilet, painting a wall or digging a well. That is until now! Join us on Feb 6th to learn about the growing movement of skilled based volunteering abroad and meet some of our local volunteers who are creating change on a global scale! Snacks, beer and wine are provided. Event Panel - Sharad Koppikar, Director Engineering at Salesforce - Sean Suri, Manufacturing Design at Apple - Lin Chen, Accounting at Netflix -Krista Starr, Developer at IBM - Ami Suri, Senior Analyst at Salesforce Event Agenda: - Introduction to skill based volunteering abroad and how you can participate - Panel discussion featuring volunteers employed at Salesforce, Apple, and Netflix - Audience Q&A - Mix and Mingle with refreshments and snacks This event is ideal for: - Skilled individuals with expertise in tech, business and education interested in having a global impact - Individuals seeking adventure and meaningful connections to other parts of the world, beyond tourism - Individuals who are looking to create meaningful relationships with other Bay Area tech professionals through the common interest of volunteering abroad ***Please grab your tickets here (they are by donation only/free if you don't want to donate). All proceeds go to support our work of education around the globe :https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/skilled-based-volunteer-abroad-meet-up-and-live-panel-tickets-54859977670***

Volunteer in Rwanda: Help Young Single Mothers Learn Tech Skills

Location to be announced soon

Volunteer in Rwanda: http://bit.ly/v2irwanda2019 We will be working with youth, young mothers and community members in one of the disadvantaged suburbs of Kigali. The objective of the program is to upskill our beneficiaries to help them qualify for better paying jobs. One of the biggest challenges in the community we are working in is child abandonment due to the economic insecurity of their parents - especially among single parents and young mothers. Many of the young people come from disadvantaged families – meaning the poorest households. They have little opportunity to access computer lessons and often do not have basic computer literacy. The competitive educational and economic environment in Rwanda increasingly demands computer literacy skills. Computer lessons will give these young people the foundational skills to be able to compete favorably in the job market and work their way around educational activities. Having these skills will also contribute to their sense of empowerment in the job market, and empower their families and community economically. It will reduce poverty among young people and their households and enable them improve their lives. Stronger families leads to reduced chances of family breakdown and child abandonment. What will you be doing in Rwanda: 1. Computer skills: We will teach young adults at the community hub basic computer skills to help them qualify for better paying jobs. 2. English Skills: English is the official language of Rwanda, however, many cannot speak it well. This creates challenges for our community members when it comes time to seek employement. 3. Saving skills: we will be working with a saving co-op to teach basic accounting and saving skills.

Volunteer in Romania: inspire, teach & invest in low income & high risk youth!!

Learn more: http://bit.ly/romania2019 Do you consider yourself a positive role model? Do you want to help children living in families below the poverty line to have a prosperous and hopeful future? This project may be for you! Join our initiative in Romania, in Partnership with Hope and Hope and the European Union, to help facilitate life changing educational camps in Baia Mare. The camps are a part of a 3 year program to provide low income children with the inspiration and motivation needed to stay in school and enroll in formal education. As a volunteer you’ll teach English, computer skills and life skills. There will also be a sports, arts and music component to the program. In 2019 You Will: - Be part of heightening the sense of community among children, teachers and low ine families through team building activities, playing games, and soft skills training. This will give us the opportunity to impact the whole ecosystem, not just the children. - Help teach English and computer skills to children and young adults - Participate in immersive hands-on learning! We all know we learn far more from experiences than we could ever learn in a classroom. You will be a part of leading weekend excursions to encourage building practical skills and honing in on soft skills for the young adults. These activities may include: hiking, cycling, team building at the park, etc. Volunteer Dates: You can choose to attend the volunteer program on either of the following dates: Jun 28-Jul 7 or Jul 5-14 or Jul 12-21 Learn more: http://bit.ly/romania2019

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