What we're about

This volunteer group is for people who want to use their skills to create long term sustainable impact abroad. We belong to a country and a place with so much wealth and opportunity, however, there are others in the world that are not as fortunate. Let's put our heads AND SKILLS together to help those who are on the margin.

We are inviting all people who want to use their tech skills, business skills or teaching skills to create impact. There are enough groups that send people abroad to paint walls or move bricks, but is that really impact? We are looking for innovative, smart, and skilled professionals to contribute their skills to make lasting and important impact.

There are two main ways to contribute as a part of this group.

1) you can contribute by brainstorming solutions to the most pressing issues that we present

2) you can join a volunteer team to go abroad and volunteer in the field.

See you at the next meeting or abroad on a volunteer program!

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