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We are teaming up with the Maido Stationery Store to bring the Japanese “朝活 - Asakatsu” tradition to San Francisco!

Get together with fellow stationery enthusiasts for an informal chat about your favorite stationery products at a coffee shop in SF Japan Town. Afterwards, trek over to Maido to see what new products they have in stock.

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SF Stationery Meetup - The "my favorite smell" edition

Stationery is five-sensory. This past month we did color, so why not move on to smell? Bring us a piece of stationery with your favorite smell. Is it a pencil? A marker? A scratch-n-sniff sticker? An eraser? Or even a funky smelling bottle of ink?? Take that, digital devices! Bet you can't compete against our analog tools when it comes to smell! (for good or for bad :) Of course, the "theme" of the meetup is merely an excuse to show-off whatever you like. Don't feel confined to the theme. This is an opportunity for a bunch of us to get together and share our favorite stationery. Please make sure to RSVP. This is a free event, but we ask that everyone buy a food or beverage from the cafe. Thanks! - Bruce

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