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Join us if you want to play tennis with the most active and largest 3,000+ players group in all areas of San Francisco!! If you are a tennis enthusiast, or someone who wants to practice and improve, looking to take tennis lessons, meet new friends or find players for a match!? This is the most creative tennis meetup for you!!!


Please do us a favor like us on Facebook so we can also connect you to "Special invite only tennis events!!" They are not listed, such as "Live" broadcast at major tennis events

It's important to upload photos of yourself so players can recognize you when you get to the court to play! It cuts down time looking for each other!

How to find players?

1st - RSVP a general event on the "Upcoming meetup" tab

2nd - RSVP a more specific event under the "Proposed meetup" tab

3rd - "Like us on FB" so we can privately invite you to special tennis events

William Lay, aka "The Cannon", have competed in many sports at the National level and have worked with countless Worlds and Olympic coaches. In tennis, one such was Elena Petrucciano, an international WTA coach who've taught many great things. You can ask & message "The Cannon" things like techniques and news, where do the groups play, drill sessions, aerobic tennis, creative events, small group/private lessons, stringing service and other tennis related topics -

Rackets stringing service

Discount Tournament tickets

Free tennis theory clinics Group and private lessons

Day tournaments

Casual Pickup tennis

Daily practice rallies and sets

Creative social events

Related Tennis Party

...the list go on and on!!

Upcoming events (4)

The Middle of San Francisco, Nopa, Laguna, Hayes Valley, Ella Hill

Play near the areas of Alamo Square, Laguna & Turk street, Ella Hill are easier to meet and some lighted. Please be aware of the rules and allotted time, it's also close to a 911 "call center"

Alta Plaza, Lafayette, Pacific Heights and such getaways
Needs a date and time

Within blocks to good views

If you can walk up the stairs, then meet for brunch or play! Enjoy the view near parks, Japantown in this area

Near GGP, Richmond, Dupont, Sunset District and SF State, Daly City

West side is the best! Playing "close to" Parkside, GGP, Richmond, Mountain View, Dupont, Rossi, San Francisco State and borderline Daly city you can smell the ocean waves and sand, Thousands of players have met in these areas. To play and enjoy the surrounding sightseeing spots such as GGP park, Ocean Beach and such and went bar hops, dine at restaurants. Everyone knows every one, we're here to make friends, not enemies. Please be aware of the rules so every one can make more tennis friends!

Marina or near the water!
Needs a date and time

"Around the corners" Moscone

Water and tennis do mix! If you have a drinking problem hope it's not just water. Enjoy the grassy area of Marina after playing tennis, post on the page for sun loving and sightseeing tennis players!

Meet "around" the park to figure out where to play, solve a puzzle?

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Racket Stringing Service Every Day

Needs a location

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