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MLconf is a single day, single track conference, focusing on the current application of machine learning algorithms, techniques, tools & methods.

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MLconf Online 2020- Early Bird Tickets $99

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MLconf Online 2020 will be Friday, November 6th 2020. More details to follow. See mlconf.com for more information. We're calling for speakers now! More at http://mlconf.com/abstract-guidelines/ 10% off Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mlconf-online-2020-tickets-114695411062?discount=CB10 About this Event Share. Learn. Inspire. MLconf Online 2020 will feature knowledge sharing covering many of these categories: ML & Science: COVID-19 Research Pandemic Data ML & Natural Sciences ML & Healthcare ML & Mental Health Pharmaceuticals General ML: Speech Language Models ML & Traffic Control/Transportation Ethics/Fairness Deepfakes Image ML & Arts Recommender Systems Machine Translation Open Source Technology ML in Business: ML Ops ML & Finance ML & Security Fraud Detection ML & Retail ML Automation Supply Chain & Logistics ML & Manufacturing ML & Legal ML & HR: (Pre-Employment Assessment, On-Boarding, Retention, Benefits, Shaping teams)

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