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Shut Up and Write! Marathon

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Be at the corner of 18th and Treat at 10:30am and you will be let in.

Join other writers for a day long marathon of focused writing.

Please be on time since this a private secured office and once the meeting starts no one else will be let in.

10:30am - Be at the corner of 18th and Treat street --- Check-in, Introductions

10:45am - Write for one-and-a-half hours

12:15am - Lunch break, check-in, and socializing

1:00pm - Be at front door if showing up for 2nd session

1:15pm - Write for one-and-a-half hours

2:45pm - Check-in, beverage/snack, chat

3:00pm - Be at front door if showing up for 3rd session

3:15pm - Write for one-hour

4:14pm - Done for the day.

If you're spending too much time THINKING about writing, come and join us for some marathon sessions, up to 4 hours of focused writing! You're welcome to come for all three or even just one of the writing sessions in the marathon. It may just be "pipe-cleaning" for now, but you'll feel better showing up at the page. No one will see what you've written or give you unsolicited advice.

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