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This group is for novice, accomplished hikers and all those inbetween who wish to get outside and explore, enjoy and experience the Great Outdoors.  Spring/Summer 2022 - please be vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Scheduled hikes provide descriptions of difficulty level, length of hike, elevation, what to bring and other important hiking information to consider when choosing whether to sign up for a particular hike.  ***It's important to know your hiking ability and endurance. We recommend starting on easier hikes before heading out on more difficult ones. ***  Hike leaders are experienced at hiking and leading groups of people on trails. We practice "Leave no Trace" on our hiking events, which means packing in/packing out all items you bring along.  Our hikes are on established trails and we rarely venture off-trail. We suggest keeping cell phone usage to a minimum while on the trails. Safety is of critical concern so our group strives to make hiking events as safe as possible. However, hiking does have risks so please stay with the group and watch out for potential dangers on the trails.
In determining what to bring and how to dress for a hike, consider the difficulty level, length of hike, weather conditions, and area location.  For most hikes we suggest bringing water and snacks, first aid kit, and any personal items you need in a day backpack. Most hike leaders carry more than that and will usually provide a list of what to bring on their posted hike description. Clothing can vary, depending on expected temperature on hike day, but it's best to dress in layers in case it gets warmer or cooler than expected. Hiking boots/hiking sandals or sturdy walking shoes are what most hikers wear. Trekking poles can be very helpful and many hikers use them on hikes with hills. Always be prepared for contingences if the hike does not go as planned.  If you have any medical condition (such as diabetes) or are on prescription medicine please privately advise the hike leader before setting off on hike day. It is each hiker's responsibility to try and stay as safe as possible, and to watch out on behalf of fellow hikers who may be having difficulties.            
Please do NOT come hiking when sick, recovering from serious illness, taking medicine that causes drowsiness, experiencing a hangover, or feel somewhat impaired in any way. Common sense should prevail! 

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Tahoe Summertime Camping- Fallen Leaf Lake

Needs a location

Hi fellow adventurers. This will be this groups 2nd time camping at Lake Tahoe. What a beautiful & stunning outdoor adventure.
This will be a 1-3 night trip at 'tent only campsites'. I have already reserved sites #55, #56, #57 & 171A. Your choice for # of nights... but in order to lock in your spot, I will need to have all monies payed in advance. (I have already paid in full). If you decide to back out, you will not be refunded UNLESS SPOT CAN BE FILLED by next person on waitlist. So, please be commited to your RSVP. I will leave important info below. You can also book your own spot....if you're lucky enough to grab one!

Now the fun stuff. The plan is to hike Mt. Tallac (difficult) on Friday and the Rubicon Trail (moderate) on Saturday. We will also play it by ear but can also hit the lake, which is pretty close to our campsite. This trip needs to be planned far in advance for reservations sake, so our itinerary may change a bit as time nears.

You will need to bring: Tent, sleeping gear, stove ?, food for 1, 2 or 3 nights, flashlight, lantern, sunscreen, bear repellent (ha!) and all other necessities for overnight fun!
*Limited to 12 adventurers per night, or up to 16 if people book their own site. Due to limit, members only at this time. *Sign up to waitlist then I will move to going after confirmation.
The sooner you book your nights, the better chance of getting nights of your choice.

**Cost: - $15 per night, per person

  • Only 2 vehicles allowed at site, so carpooling is needed. I will check on overflow parking.
  • Check-in is 2pm. Check-out is 12pm.
  • If you sign up and take a limited spot, I do encourage you to participate in group hikes, as this is a hiking group.
  • We can go out to dinner one night, if we decide.
  • Would appreciate a few people bringing firewood.

*** Please 'Venmo' me or send check/cash to:
American Male Hair Salon
200 W. Main St. suite H
Turlock, CA 95380

Send a message directly to me on Meetup for Venmo scan code. State nights that you would like me to book you for when sending all payments. YOU WILL BE GUARANTEED SPOT AFTER I RECEIVE PAYMENT and Confirmation that a spot is still available.

Thanks for now.....and I look forward to another adventure with friends!
It's going to be a FUN one!!


Camping/Kayaking - Henry Cowell State Park , Santa Cruz Mtns.

Needs a location

My favorite annual camping trip! Come join me... This trip will be limited to 12 adventurers. Up to 16 people if sharing a tent and car. We will be staying at the campground in the Santa Cruz Mountains for 2-3 nights. Your choice. This camping trip will include an afternoon of kayaking in the Elkorn Slough in Moss Landing and a wonderful hike at Fall Creek. I have already booked 4 sites (82, 84, 85 & 87). (Thanks Alex!) I am allowing 3 tents per site which is usually comfortable. Each reservation includes (1) car space and a second for $10 per night. I recommend spliting this cost. There is also overflow parking for a fee. If you'd like to try and book your own site...feel free to do so. Limit will still be at 16.
*Please let me know your site # if you book separately and if you will be sharing w/ someone on 'going list'. Hurry though...sites book up super fast!!

We should arrive after the check-in time of 2 pm. Set up camp and have a leisure evening as people roll in, make dinner and then our campfire time. (Hopefully no fire restrictions this year)
Everyone will be responsible for their own food & drink.

*Friday plan: Eat breakfast, then get ready to head to Kayak Connection for some kayaking fun w/ sea otters and lots of wild life in the Elkhorn Slough. If you've never been, it is quite the experience. Then we will return to camp, pack up and get ready to head to the Boardwalk for the Friday night FREE Live Beach Concert (not posted yet but hoping it's back). You will bring food/drinks, blanket for beach concert fun!

*Saturday: Breakfast. Then get ready to head out for a day of hiking on the Fall Creek Redwood trail. This will be an 8.5 mile moderate hike w/ an elevation gain of approx. 1700 ft. We will return to camp, clean up and prepare or go out to dinner. We will decide this as a group. The nights are always finished with a campfire and social time. Bring your favorite beverage and s'more fixin's will be provided!

We will discuss plans in more detail in future posts. Just need to get an idea of who will be going. If you do sign up. Please plan on participating in activities, as someone on waitlist may want to do so.
**This will be an adult only trip, as it is very limited.

WHAT TO BRING: Overnight camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, pad, stove, chair, flashlight etc). Stove not necessary, as we usually have several. FOOD for atleast 2 full days, plenty of water, sunscreen, racoon repellant (Ha!) and you know the rest...
*Firewood would be great too.

The cost is $15 per night, per person. You will also need money for gas, food, extra activities. I'm allowing (1) guest per person.
Your spot will be confirmed and you will be moved from 'waitlist' after monies are collected. Please send monies for # of nights to:
American Male Hair Salon
200 W. Main St suite H
Turlock, CA 95380
or by Venmo - message me for Scan code

PLEASE note that there will be no refunds if you back out, unless I can fill your spot. So please be commited.

*Kayak rental (4hrs)- $80 per double kayak. Split $40 ea. This price includes all kayaking gear. I highly recommend the double as it is easier to work the currents w/ a bit of help. I will make kayak reservations when I get a head count. Payment is not due til that day @ Kayak Connection.

If you have an SUV and would like to volunteer to drive....it would be much appreciated. Only 2 vehicles per site. There is overflow parking for a small fee.
Really looking forward to this trip with old and new friends! 🌿

I will keep you posted....Nicole


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