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Everything Doberman Pinscher... Official members website of Southern California's San Diego Doberman Meetup.

This site exists to get together with our energetic Dobes and enjoy their company. Of course, members should use the site as intended; ie, rsvp to events when attending, etc. Other members decide if they will attend an event based on the number of dobermans they can expect to meet. That is the purpose of the site.

No soliciting of any kind is permitted on or through this site without the organizer's permission and attempts to do so might result in removal of the member. Examples: Soliciting donations, selling puppies, training services, photography services, invitations to other organizations, posting a link, etc. Some breeders, trainers, non-profits, etc., are very reputable; others are not. (Ex: Some organizations seek donations without having any financial accountability required of a 501.c.3 organization). Therefore, links or efforts to direct to other sites are inappropriate. Exceptions must be pre-approved in writing and are at the discretion of the Organizer as we do not want anyone to take advantage of our members. That will not change. To be clear, it takes time and effort to adequately research and vet anyone that wishes to solicit. That requires time and research. We make exceptions when we feel it is warranted, but as always, "buyer beware." There are many other places to find services, puppies, and rescues through the internet. If you are solicited at or through our meetup/s, please let us know.

We encourage responsible dog ownership. Every dog owner is solely responsible for their own actions and the actions of their dog/s. The group does not, and will not, accept any responsibility for the actions of you or your dog. Our breed plays rough and can make other dog owners anxious. PLEASE watch your dog at meetups and keep your dog under control. We must be sensitive to the concerns of other dog owners to improve the reputation of the breed. We also want to be welcome at dog parks and beaches.

Safety is paramount. Dogs that are aggressive must be immediately removed from any Meetup. If others perceive that your dog is acting aggressively, the responsible thing to do is remove your dog immediately. If an Event Pack Leader suggests that you keep your dog on a leash or remove your dog, please gracefully comply.

Members that abuse, harass, stalk or threaten others will be removed from this group. Inviting guests of the same nature will be cause for removal of member. We are here for the fun and enjoyment of our Dobermans.

Our owners set the example and pick up after their dogs and we follow the rules of any public park or beach.

Each event will have an Event Organizer that may or may not be present at the event. Please direct questions about that event to the Event Pack Leaders whenever possible.

Please keep all communications on the discussion board focused and polite. Opinions are just that and not the responsibility of Meetup organizers.

We are the sole "sponsors" and we provide this web presence to you at no expense. We have received proposals to recommend various services for a percentage or sponsorship. That is not our intent, however we will consider sponsorships for reputable veterinarians, trainers, or photographers. We are not here to advertise for other groups. If raising funds becomes necessary, it will not be at the expense of the membership and it will not compromise on the above. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Accepting member status in this Meetup group implies consent to follow these rules and accept responsibility for your actions and the actions of your dog. Your Dobe wants to play, so get out there!

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