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We're a friendly San Diego community that meets regularly to discuss JavaScript and the web. Join us at workshops, monthly lightning talk evenings, and many more focussed events throughout the year to hone your skills or get your feet wet.

We are open to developers, tinkerers, hobbyist, experts, and individuals that put themselves at any skill level. We are a welcome group that is guided by our Code of Conduct (http://sandiegojs.org/code-of-conduct) and the core value of being nice to one another.

Visit our site at sandiegojs.org (http://sandiegojs.org/) for information on upcoming meetups, get an invite to our slack channel or to sign up for a lightning talk at our next event. Follow @sandiegojs on twitter (http://twitter.com/sandiegojs), and post in the meetup message board (http://www.meetup.com/sandiegojs/messages/boards/)!

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[Online] Angular Monthly Meetup

Online event

San Diego Angular Meetup and Women Who Code meet the third Wednesday of each month. Each month we will have one or two talks that cover Angular or general Web UI/UX topics. Afterwards we open the floor for lightning talks any audience member wants to give. Everyone is welcome to these meetups whether you are an Angular expert or just heard about Angular for the first time in this post. This month, we are hosting our Meetup entirely remotely! Closer to the event, we will post a Zoom link for everyone to use. Before the event, please make sure you have a Zoom account setup or you will not be able to access the Zoom meeting. --- ⏰ Schedule ⏰ 6:00pm - 6:20pm Introductions 6:20pm - 6:50pm "Building a Learning System" by Sam Julien (@samjulien) Part of being a developer is the need to consistently learn, but it can get overwhelming quickly. You’ve probably got a pile of tutorials you want to read, a long Google doc of technologies to check out, or maybe a collection of video courses gathering digital dust. How do you know what to spend time on? How do you make sure you’re learning effectively? Most importantly, how do you actually start crossing things off of that seemingly endless list of what to learn? In this talk, I’ll share with you what’s been working for me as a self-taught developer turned developer advocate. We’ll talk through the need for a learning system, how to build one customized to your own style of learning, and how to use your learning system to produce measurable results that can help you in your career. 6:50pm - 7:30pm "Angular Strongly Typed Reactive Forms" by Trung Vo (@tuantrungvo) I will show you how to use @ngneat/reactive-forms to work with Typed Reactive Forms in Angular. 7:30pm - 7:40pm Open the floor to attendees 7:40pm - 7:50pm Questions and Closing Remarks --- 🗣 About our Speakers 🗣 ⭐️ Sam Julien Sam Julien is an Angular GDE and Collaborator, a Sr. Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0, and the creator of UpgradingAngularJS.com and GetAJobIn.Tech. He's also an author for Thinkster.io and egghead. His favorite thing in the world is sitting outside drinking good scotch next to a fire he built himself. ⭐️ Trung Vo Trung is a front0end engineer who creates beautiful, performant web applications with delightful user experiences. Trung's currently with @cakedefi. He has four years of working continuously with Angular and is a community leader @Angular Vietnam, a group with more than 14k members. He writes, codes, and talks about Angular. Curious. Not a coffee drinker. --- We want to give everyone an opportunity to speak at these Meetups. If you are interested in giving a talk in the future, please reach out to us using Meetup messages or in person at one of the Angular Meetups. We welcome people of all backgrounds and skill levels. In keeping with the sandiego.js spirit, please be friendly, welcoming, and respectful. Please be respectful of others and respect our code of conduct (https://sandiegojs.org/code-of-conduct.html). Find us online at sandiegojs.org (https://sandiegojs.org/). Our IRC channel (https://sandiegojs.org/chat-room.html) is #sandiegojs on FreeNode. We also have a Slack channel...get an invite at http://sandiegojs.herokuapp.com/.

[Online] Vue.js Monthly Meetup

Online event

Join us at the monthly VueJS Meetup! We'll talk about Vue related concepts, techniques, jobs, plugins, and more each month. Message us on Meetup or Slack if you'd like to present a talk! TOPICS: Checking out the Vue 3 Composition API - If you're interested in the future of Vue, check out this Meetup!

[Online] Fundamental JS

Online event

On the 4th Wednesday of every month, FundamentalJS meets to learn about an element or building block of Javascript plus soft skills to help attendees get hired. Laptops are highly encouraged for the warmup code challenges. We are open to everyone coming in, from beginners who are learning the language to established coders who want to brush up on a concept. SCHEDULE 7:00 - Code Challenge / Burning Questions 7:30 - Tech skills talk: TBA 8:00 - Soft skills talk: TBA

FullstackJS @ SDCS/Synergy

Synergy Centre/SDCS (South)

Join us in San Diego at San Diego Code School inside the Imperial Avenue Synergy Centre for an extended talk/live coding session. Come learn best practices from a Sr. Engineer as we build out projects and answer burning questions. You'll gain an understanding of what full-stack development is and how it's done. San Diego Code School will provide plenty of food and drinks. Speakers: Michael is the founder of San Diego Code School and a Board Member of San Diego JavaScript Community. He is a Fullstack JavaScript practitioner, primarily using the MERN stack (MongoDb, Express.js, React, Node.js). When he is not off riding double centuries on a bike, he enjoys teaching web development and building Javascript tools that empower developers to be more productive. Parking info: There is plenty of free parking in front of the building.

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[Online] ReactJS Monthly Meetup

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