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Eric ( and John ( will be at Wholly Crepe ( in Poway from 9 AM until around 11 AM if you want to hang out and co-work. The restaurant serves great crepes, both sweet and savory (menu (, has good coffee, and gives us free wifi and power. Some common questions about this co-working event: Who can come to this event? Anyone interested in hanging out with other developers. Are there talks or presentations? Nope, none of that. This is not a structured meeting of any sort. Just people hanging out coding on whatever they are working on. Do I have to work for a particular company to attend? No, a lot of us work with the DiegoDev Group ( and use this event to work together and hang out but there is no requirement to be working with a particular group. You don't even need to be working, this event is open to all. Do I have to work on PHP Stuff? Not at all. We get a wide range of skillsets that join us. Some work on other platforms, some don't even code but instead does system operations. Of course we are a PHP user group so if you are looking for help on another platform, then there may or may not be someone there who can help you. Can I come and ask question/advice? Sure. Of course, there will always a strong PHP presence, but depending on who shows up there will also be a wide range of other skill sets represented from things like system administration, mobile development, and javascript. The one thing that we do ask is since people are there working at their professional jobs, please be respectful on their time and understand that they might not be able to help you on the day you show up. Many who show up are very open and willing to help. Does this event cost anything? Technically no. But we are meeting at a public restaurant who is nice enough to reserve a corner of their establishment for us and allow us to use their Wifi and power so it is appreciated if you do return that goodwill by patronizing their establish. They do have really good crepes (website ( Is there some sort of sales pitch or can I pitch my product? NO, no, and NO. We will ask you leave if you begin to harras people with some sort of "pitch". We are OK with topics that come up in general conversation and even asking for feedback on an idea in the context of casual conversation but no pitches please. Is this a good place to find development talent? This is not an event for recruitment. We are developers that are getting together to do work. Please do not show up trying to recruit developers for your project or clients.

Wholly Crepe

14045 Midland Rd · Poway, CA

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SDPHP is the home for all tech enthusiasts that need and use PHP in their development. We are not biased around any one sector, instead we want to embrace the php ecosystem as whole.

There are many reasons to join us.

Comradery: We are all problem solvers, so let's come together around this goal. There are so many friendly members in our group, you are sure to hit it off and enjoy a great conversation with someone.
Learning: Every meetup we have gives you the chance to learn something new. We have had, and continue to get, great presentations on interesting topics.
Teaching: We all have something to teach. You may not be an expert, but sharing your experiences will no doubt have an impact on someone in the group.
Food/Beer: We are very fortunate to have enough sponsorship to provide food and beer to the member's that attend our meetups. And the fact that we are in one of the craft beer capitals of the world makes it that much better.

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