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What we’re about

SDPHP is the home for all tech enthusiasts that need and use PHP in their development.  We are not biased around any one sector, instead we want to embrace the php ecosystem as whole.

There are many reasons to join us.

  • Comradery: We are all problem solvers, so let's come together around this goal. There are so many friendly members in our group, you are sure to hit it off and enjoy a great conversation with someone.
  • Learning: Every meetup we have gives you the chance to learn something new.  We have had, and continue to get, great presentations on interesting topics.
  • Teaching: We all have something to teach. You may not be an expert, but sharing your experiences will no doubt have an impact on someone in the group.
  • Food/Beer: We are very fortunate to have enough sponsorship to provide food and beer to the member's that attend our meetups.  And the fact that we are in one of the craft beer capitals of the world makes it that much better.