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What we’re about

Welcome to The San Francisco International Figure Drawing Group!
The San Francisco International Figure Drawing Group has multiple organizers, each doing different workshops. We offer many venues and days and times to fit your needs for figure drawing and painting. ENJOY!

The main purpose of The San Francisco International Figure Drawing Group is to do art and figure drawing, as well as provide a wide variety of figure drawing opportunities. All who appreciate art are welcome.

First, start by sharing a little bit about yourself so it makes it easier to talk with other guests when meeting for the first time. Just a short line or two with some tidbits about yourself, like where you're from, areas of creation you are interested in, and what you are hoping to gain from our group. Then, try adding your photo or a photo of anything you've created.

Next, take a look at our Calendar of Events. While not every event will appeal to your tastes for whatever reason, there is a lot to choose from, so you're bound to find something that is right for you. At your first meeting, try not to feel shy. At least 50% of the guests in each group are meeting for the first time, so plunge in and introduce yourself. Everyone is very friendly. We'd love to have you as a member!

The San Francisco International Figure Drawing Group is all about art and figure drawing. We work to provide a wide variety of figure drawing opportunities and settings for area artists of all kinds and styles. Some are more classical and traditionally arranged. Others are non-traditional like at a nightclub or theatrical performance when we get the chance. Everyone is very welcome, from complete beginners to professional artists. Our sessions are laid-back, without a teacher to tell you what you are doing "right" or "wrong." You aren't expected to show your drawings to anyone unless you want to, so please don't be put off even if you don't have much experience. This is a great way to gain more experience.

We have a great mix of people, from those who are simply trying to work extra time for creativity into their lives to professional artists looking to sharpen their life drawing skills. For everyone, we strive for the highest professional standards for all involved models, performers, and artists.

Have an idea for a session type or place and don't see it on the Calendar? Any member can set up a session for the group at any time. We only ask you adhere to the required criteria for sessions as follows:

  • Figure model(s) ages 18+ are welcome (If the model is under 18 for any session, s/he/they must be clothed with a parent or guardian present all arranged and approved in advance.)
  • All attendees contribute toward model fees (what you can give depends on what you can afford. Some can give more than others and some sessions state a minimum set fee)
  • Classical poses, no overtly sexual poses, please
  • Drawing and painting materials only, no photography please (unless decided otherwise beforehand)
  • A professional, safe and respectful work environment for the models and fellow artists. This same standard applies to events in non-traditional settings.
  • Bring your supplies and materials
  • Enjoy!

Our goal is to have both regularly scheduled and impromptu sessions as frequently as possible so we have a variety of times and locations to choose from. So if you know of available space, post a notice!

Models, please join and introduce yourself!

All artists and model(s) are encouraged to post their artwork and self-promotional info on the message board.

See you at the drawing board!

Group reviews:

"This was a great event! The space is easy to get to since it's downtown, the lighting was good, and there was a nice turnout of models (3 women, 1 man) and artists - approx 25. There were one to three models up at a time, so you had some variety to choose from. Good job guys, that was fun!"

"I give this event a 10-star rating! Loved posing for the artists while listening to music and loved drawing the models while listening to the music."

"Thanks for organizing the artists and models last nite, you added a great element to the nite! I am looking forward to next month's event. And if you are interested would love to do it again. I am going to do another one on Jan 26th" 
-Scott Binder

"great! I love it.... when is the next?"

"I'd do it there again." 

"I have to say, I was puzzled about the idea of figure drawing in a nightclub, but it turned out to be wonderful and not "strange" at all. Johnny did a great job planning the event. I know he was at the club most of the afternoon setting up the staging and lights... (thanks Johnny!) :o)"

"Great studio with some very provocative people. Good session!"

"Great group, fine talent, and excellent atmosphere." 
-Gary Skinner

"It is a great event with wonderful people in a wonderful environment! I have done two and will be a 'regular'."

"I enjoyed the chance to improve and the atmosphere was real chill."

"Great Studio! ..... nice people and nice chilled-out atmosphere ;)"
-Johnny B.

"This is a wonderful group of artists and models! The artists are serious about their work & fun to be with and supportive of each other. They make very laid-back and creative energy that I enjoy. The figure models are just great - so good at interesting poses & very inspiring. Thanks, models - I know it's hard work! Thanks, Johnny, Paul Pauper & everyone else!"

"This group kicks ass."

"The group that showed up was wonderful - hope to see them all again. Thanks to all the artists and models!! JohnnyB - you're a prince among men! Thank you." 

"Johnny you do an excellent job! if I can help you, let me know."

"Thanks for a successful event at Form/Space Atelier. Look forward to working with you in the coming months."
-Paul Pauper

"Both times I've gone, I've met other first/second timers, as well as artists who have probably been going for years. I felt as though I belonged there just as much as anybody. Not intimidating."

"Very nice group of people. Open, mutually supportive, and ready to work. The models did a great job and gave a wonderful variety of poses and gestures. There were many possibilities. The next will be even better."
-Laurie B.

"Matt was great, the people were great and the location was great."